What is The Recruit?

The Recruit is an internship opportunity at Maverick, a respectable communication consultancy based in Jakarta. The activity is intended for final year students and fresh graduates who are eager to be the next communications professional. Candidates must undergo three phases of recruitment process, from Linkedin profile submission on website, case study challenge, and final round at Maverick’s office.

Why do I have to join The Recruit?

The Recruit provides valuable learning curve as you will be given a chance to develop your communications skills and thinking process. Furthermore, if you become ‘The Recruit’, you will have the opportunity to meet prominent people from various industries and working directly in clients’ side.

At the end of the internship, should you display outstanding performance throughout your internship, you will stand a chance to win a full-time job as an Account Coordinator at Maverick.

How is it different from any other internship program?

The Recruit is conducted in an unorthodox manner whereby selected candidates will earn an internship at Maverick, one of the most respected communication consultancies in Indonesia. Candidates will have to follow three recruitment processes where each process grow their skills. In addition to that, candidates will also receive a set of training/coaching that will benefit them for their future career.

Who is it intended to?
  • Indonesian
  • Fresh graduates, both undergraduate and graduate program
  • Final year students (final semester, currently completing their thesis)
  • Age 20 – 27
Is the program only opened for Communications/Public Relations students?

Of course not! We would love to meet creative young individuals who are passionate about communications and wants to be in the communications industry, regardless of their educational background. You can see the background of our consultants which range from international relations, philosophy, literature, medical science, and communications. These people have demonstrated impressive qualities throughout the course of the selection process.

Can students and fresh graduates from other cities participate?

Yes, they can. However, they need to consider their living arrangement during the internship, should they get accepted.

Other companies offer immediate recruitment after an internship program, so why do we have to do all these challenges just to have that same opportunity at Maverick?

The nature of our industry requires us to continuously come up with fresh and creative ideas. We’d like to consider these challenges more as an exercise where candidates begin to regularly nurture their creativity and develop their thought process to becoming a professional communication consultant. We also provide the chance for the intern to learn about communications industry in both consultancy and clients’ side.

What are the qualities that I need to have as The Recruit?

First and foremost, you need to be passionate about communications and have an innate curiosity in learning new things. You also need to have good strategic thinking ability, coupled with creativity and attitude.

What do you mean by “attitude”?

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed young individuals who despite their excellent academic records and skills, lack in terms of attitude. This is a people’s business. As much as we love intelligent and smart people, we want to work with those who know how to carry themselves with a proportionate degree of professionalism and humility.

Is there any guarantee that candidate will land a full-time job as soon as the internship is completed?

Yes, provided the candidate demonstrate outstanding performance throughout the internship program.

Is this a paid internship?

The Recruit is a paid internship. We view a job well done needs to be compensated fairly.

How long will the internship last?

The internship will approximately last from 12 to 13 weeks. The internship is similar to a full-time job. The intern will report to work from 08.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.

What is the scope of work for the intern?

The intern will be assigned to different accounts. By accounts we mean the clients we are handling, lead by a group of consultants. They will also be involved in Maverick’s internal initiatives, ranging from Mavoice, Pecha Kucha Jakarta and Catalyst, exposing them to various stakeholders from journalist to NGOs.

Yes, but what kind of work do we do?

The intern will learn everything that an entry-level staff does when they join a consultancy such as Maverick. It ranges from coordinating events to learning how to develop media documents, and engaging with different stakeholder, including the media and communities.

Will there be a mentor assigned to the intern?

Every new member in an account will receive a briefing session. The intern is encouraged to use the opportunity as mentoring sessions where they can ask as many questions as possible. We’d love to see the intern exercise their inquisitiveness and freedom to express their thinking.

Will the intern be involved in meetings with clients?

The possibility is always there. We’ve done so with the intern from The Recruit since 2012.

Will candidate receive a certificate of participation and a recommendation letter?

Maverick will issue certificate of completion for candidates together with a recommendation letter to those who demonstrated outstanding working performance.

Can a candidate take other projects while undergoing The Recruit?

Since The Recruit requires intern to report to work full time, taking on other projects is not recommended. We believe it is best for candidates to focus on their learning experience while still in the program.

Is it possible for The Recruit to select more than one intern for the internship?

It is possible. It all depends on the capacity and performance that the candidates display throughout the selection process particularly during the final recruitment process.

What other opportunities do candidates have, especially to the ones who fail to land the full-time offer?

We normally refer to their capacity. There are occasions where we refer our outstanding interns to our partners or clients who are looking for new people and they are quite happy with the reference.

Other than completing the internship at Maverick, will the candidates/finalists be given other responsibilities?

We would like to consider candidates (particularly the intern) as ambassador to the program. With proper training, they could to represent and introduce the program to our targeted audience.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Nowadays job seekers usually use LinkedIn to find available vacancies that are posted by companies on the platform. Recruiters from companies could also directly contact the potential candidate through their profile.

What should I write on my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profiles allow us to get to know you personally through your academic and non-academic activities. Make sure that you fill all sections completely.

Is there any other ways to apply for internships at Maverick?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. The only way to experience internship at Maverick is through The Recruit.

How to submit a LinkedIn profile?

To submit a LinkedIn profile, you have to:

  1. Copy your LinkedIn profile URL
  2. Go to The Recruit’s page: maverick.co.id/the-recruit
  3. Find the registration form, complete all sections with valid data including your LinkedIn profile URL
  4. Get the Instagram Story template below registration form
  5. Upload it in your Instagram account. Tag two of your friends, @mavgram, and #TheRecruit2019, and add GIF if you wish 🙂

Important note: Make sure you have pasted your profile address link to the right box

When is the deadline of LinkedIn Submission?

We will close the registration on 29 March 2019