Bangkok Maverick (Love) Story

I fell in love with Bangkok after watching a Thai romantic comedy titled Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story, about a thirty-year-old woman feeling desperate on being last among her friends to marry, and her relationship with a cute engineer working on the Bangkok Skytrain system. The film was hilarious (watch it now if you haven’t). It was one of the highest-grossing Thai movies that won many awards.

The film portrayed Bangkok as a super fun city and made me desperately want to visit. And who would have thought that after joining Maverick for only a month my bosses said I was invited to the company’s annual outing—that happened to be conducted in Bangkok? Read More

Living the Kingdom Life

Wulandari is an associate in Maverick, who has been working for more than two years. She has been handling clients from different industries, including Microsoft and Bridestory. In December 2016, she took her Personal Development Fund to visit United Kingdom, the country that she has been dreaming of. This is her journey. Read More