COVID-19 Forging A New Normal for Media Events?

I’ve always been taught that face-to-face interactions are to be preferred over remote ones through technology.

Throughout my days as a communication student, then a reporter and finally a public relations consultant I practiced and came to believe that physical presence helps us to establish better professional relationships and therefore makes us more effective at work.

Then COVID-19 came along and disrupted everything.

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Berdendang dan Bergoyang di MaVoice 2019

Rintik hujan tak menghalangi rekan-rekan media untuk hadir di Grand Final MaVoice 2019, sebuah ajang kompetisi menyanyi untuk para jurnalis yang diadakan oleh Maverick sejak tahun 2013. Setelah melewati audisi offline dan online sejak bulan September, di malam itu sembilan finalis berlomba meraih gelar juara MaVoice 2019.

Para finalis terlihat bersemangat dalam mempersembahkan talenta terbaik mereka. Janesti Priyandini finalis dari Koran Jawa Pos edisi Jawa Timur bahkan tak segan datang dari Surabaya untuk bergabung dalam sesi Grand Final. “Siap, aku akan hadir untuk check sound dan tampil di malam Grand Final,” tutur perempuan ayu tersebut penuh semangat.

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A Letter to A Future Leader

Dear Reader,

How do you view the prospect of leadership? Do you view it as a new and welcome challenge? Or does it seem like a dreaded but necessary obligation?

Whichever situation you are in, if you have to take on the mantle of leadership then your best course of action is to set for yourself the goal of being an inspiring leader. You should aim not only to be able to lead the team with hard skills, but wear your hearts on your sleeves in caring for your charges.

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