COVID-19 Briefing – June 3, 2020

Highlights in the media today: West Nusa Tenggara, East Java record highest COVID-19 cases among children, Indonesia cancels this year’s haj, low inflation rate likely to stay throughout the year.

As of June 3 16:22 (GMT+7), Indonesia had recorded 28,233 COVID-19 cases with 8,406 recoveries and 1,698 deaths.

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Java were the two provinces with the highest number of COVID-19 cases among children in the country. In NTB, the number of COVID-19 cases recorded among children was on the rise, especially among babies and under-fives.

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An Internship From Home: Why Not? 

On my first day of internship in early March, I stepped expectantly into Maverick’s office in Kebayoran Baru. I was given a tour of the three-story office and introduced to everyone, including Maca, the office cat and wrapped up the day with orientation sessions with several of the team leaders. Everything seemed to move so fast and efficient with the Mavericks, who seemed very serious about their work but would also not hesitate to let their hair down.

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COVID-19 Briefing – April 23, 2020


The internet is full of all sorts of information but the established new outlets still add credibility to a development. Beginning today we run a daily brief on the day’s COVID-19 coverage to give you an idea of how the news is being reported by these outlets.

Highlight in the media today: Government lacks data transparency, Jakarta to extend large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) until May 22, Indonesian consumers remain positive amid the pandemic

The government continues to be accused of being non-transparent, as suspicion grows on the real death toll. The government’s daily official count only reports the deaths of people who had tested positive for the virus, while several regions have reported a high number of deaths of people under observation and patients under treatment.

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The War of the Two Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia to Start the New Decade: Who Wins?

Shopee started the celebrity endorsement war among e-commerce businesses in Indonesia by signing up Blackpink, a highly popular Korean girlband, for advertisements in the latter half of 2018. Inspired by Shopee, in October 2019 the biggest domestic e-commerce platform Tokopedia spent approximately Rp17 billion to make the hottest boyband in the world, BTS, their brand ambassador. Social media were thus abuzz with talks about the ads that feature the seven BTS members.

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