The Charm of Growing Up: Be More Flexible Toward the Unexpected

“Trish, see the world”, said my beloved grandma one afternoon. At the time, I just smirked and coldly responded “we’ll see”.

It’s not that I don’t like to travel, believe me, I love it! It’s just that I hate facing things that are beyond my control. For me, everything needs to be well planned and predictable. You need to make time to think about the pros and cons, and being reckless just because ‘YOLO’ is for me, utter nonsense.

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IDN Times, Menjawab Tantangan ‘Tsunami Informasi’ bagi Milenial dan Gen Z

Tahun politik 2014 yang lalu menyaksikan hadirnya sebuah platform teknologi anyar di tengah puluhan media daring yang sudah meramaikan jagat maya. Inilah IDN Times, media berbasis daring yang dibangun  Winston dan  William Utomo yang tergabung dalam IDN Media. Jargon ‘The Voice of Millennials and Gen Z’ menjadi kalimat ikoniknya.

Generasi Y, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan generasi milenial, terus menjadi perbincangan dalam berbagai industri, tidak terkecuali media massa. Berbagai sektor seakan-akan berlomba menggaet kaum milenial ini. Tetapi, tanpa disadari, generasi Y yang termuda kini sebenarnya sudah menginjak usia 24 tahun dan perhatian pun mulai beralih kepada Generasi selanjutnya, generasi Z. Industri kini mencoba mencari pola perilaku generasi Z yang masih perlu terus dicermati.

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CLCA Summit Amsterdam 2019: Class Actions Now and In the Future

In early October, Jakarta was seething with growing resentment against the government. Protesters were unhappy with the government for not stopping the passage of an unpopular amendment to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Law. Many spoke about filing class action suits to bring forward a judicial review.

I was therefore excited to attend the 2019 summit of the Crisis and Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA), a select worldwide group of PR firms who specialized in crisis management and litigation PR. Maverick, because of our experience in these areas, was admitted into the alliance earlier this year.

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