Green Pramuka dan Keluhan Konsumen di Media Sosial

Apartemen Green Pramuka Jakarta menjadi sorotan publik awal pekan ini. Banyak warganet mengecam apartemen tersebut di media sosial, namun pengelolanya dianggap tak merespons dengan baik.

social media complaint
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Bagaimana kasus tersebut dilihat dari aspek komunikasi? Bagaimana sebaiknya perusahaan menangani keluhan konsumen sehingga tak memicu serangan di media sosial, seperti dalam kasus Green Pramuka? Read More

What to Do When Your Client is Slow to Respond?

Pemerintah memblokir Telegram karena aplikasi obrolan tersebut menjadi saluran komunikasi teroris dan progapanda radikalisme. Sebelum memblokir, pemerintah mengaku sudah enam kali mengirim surat peringatan kepada pengelola Telegram, dari Maret 2016 hingga Juli 2017, namun tak ada respons sama sekali. Akhirnya akses via web ke layanan Telegram pun ditutup.

Telegram diblokir pemerintah

Bagaimana kasus itu dilihat dari sisi public relations? Bagaimana mencegahnya agar tak terulang? Read More

Belajar dari Kasus Vlog Kaesang

Kaesang Pangarep dilaporkan ke polisi. Seorang warga Bekasi melaporkan putra bungsu Presiden Joko Widodo itu ke polisi karena menilai ucapan Kaesang pada vlognya yang berjudul #BapakMintaProyek mengandung ujaran kebencian.

Kaesang Pangarep anak Jokowi

Memang Kaesang belum tentu bersalah, namun bagaimana seharusnya kita menggunakan media sosial agar tak tersandung masalah hukum? Read More

How to Make Your Customers Visit Your Site

welcome customers website
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Light traffic has always been the bane of website owners, you’ve worked so hard on your website and even spent money on it, but you seem to be barely getting any traffic to your website, let alone customers. So you question whether or not people actually care about what you have to say, or if your content has any value at all.

No need to worry, we’re here to help. How? Read More

The 3 Mistakes Brands Make In Brand Storytelling

Every brand wants to engage their audience and spread their message as far and wide as possible. But how they make their brand story resonate with the audience is the biggest challenge that brands need to do accomplish. The human attention span is pretty limited and with today’s excess of information, traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

brand storytelling
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That’s why the marketing industry is now more focused on the storytelling aspect, and brands are just now starting to jump in. Except when they do jump, the results aren’t always the same for every company.

Here are few mistakes that brands and companies make when they want to tell a story.  Read More

Working with Millennials: What Drives Them to Perform Well in An Office Setting?

Generalizing a large group of people based on their generation won’t solve any problems, these ‘Millennials’ or the Y generation grew up in a time of financial crises and are pioneers and the first to be highly exposed to technological change, their lives are linked into global network deeper than the previous generations.

millennials, working, office
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Millennials have a bad reputation, and it’s not entirely their fault. The world is always is changing and so are its people. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the ongoing shifts on how to think and how to act. Some people might prefer to keep things the way they are and others would rather embrace the oncoming changes. Like it or not, the Millennials are here to stay, and they’re ready to join your workforce or they might already be in it. So how can we make the best of this situation? It’s best to understand what drives them and help them grow with these suggestions: Read More