Adaptasi Industri Perbankan Menghadapi Tren Digital

Industri perbankan semakin beradaptasi dengan tren digital yang terus berkembang. Beberapa bank besar tercatat gencar meluncurkan produk dan layanan digital, baik secara mandiri ataupun menggandeng perusahaan financial technology (fintech) selama Januari – Maret 2018. Di periode tersebut, tim Maverick Indonesia juga melakukan analisis atas berbagai pemberitaan yang tertuang dalam Maverick Banking Media Performance Report Q1-2018. Laporan ini mengukur pencapaian strategi komunikasi publik dari 20 bank terbesar di Indonesia dengan memonitor peliputan industri perbankan di 20 media serta media sosial.

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BRI’s Skimming Case: A Blessing in Disguise?

As the banking industry becomes increasingly digitized, banks face new challenges to secure their online banking systems and transactions. Such was the case faced by BRI in March.

News about suspected leakage of customer data broke in the first week of March, but before the bank had time to recover the bank was buffeted a few days later by news of a skimming case that resulted in missing funds from customers’ accounts.

Since the first coverage about the issue appeared on March 12, the number of articles in the 20 most prominent media monitored by Maverick continued to increase and, as seen on Table 1 below, it finally peaked on March 16 with 48 articles. Overall, there was a total of 190 articles on the issue; a significant amount comprising 48% of BRI’s total coverage in March, and about 29% of BRI’s total coverage in Q1 2018.

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Spirited Away to Taipei

Unlike many of my three million fellow Chinese-Indonesians in the country, I grew up in a family that was pretty removed from the Chinese culture. I never celebrated Cheng Beng or Cap Go Meh, nor did I know when to eat bakcang or kue keranjang. One that I especially yearned for growing up was to celebrate the Lunar New Year the true Chinese way.

So, when my Personal Development Fund (PDF) from Maverick was due this year, I used it to fly to Taipei, Taiwan just in time for the Lunar New Year.

I expected lots of festivity, with dim sum a-plenty and firecrackers going off every few meters. Instead I found…

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What You Need to Know and How to Nail Instagram’s New Algorithm

With 800 million users worldwide, Instagram has been one of the most significant social media platforms in our lives today.

It is arguably even more important in Indonesia where it is the third most popular social media platform (after Facebook and YouTube). Here, Instagram is used not only for millennials to brag about their picture-perfect meal or vacations, but also as a search engine and commercial platform for both brands and consumers to engage with each other

Instagram’s popularity, however, has also meant that it’s become a crowded space and competition is fierce. Getting ahead of the pack, however, is not as difficult as it may seem if you can figure out the rules of the game and take advantage of this knowledge.

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What Multinational Companies Can Do to Align Support for Social Issues in Different Markets

We have seen countless articles making a case for companies to take a stand on social issues. A recent study featured by Adweek, for instance, found that the majority of consumers want to see not only brands but also CEOs and executives weigh in on these issues.

When it comes to multinational companies, however, how do they navigate the complex social expectations in different markets, especially those such as Indonesia with hypersensitive audiences?

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Criminal Code Revision

People’s Representative Council annul the ratification of Criminal Code at Monday (12/2) because of public pressure. The National Legislative Council will resume debate on the draft law on the Penal Code after the recess period ends on March 4, 2018. The draft law on the Penal Code had been submitted in 2012 and has yet to be passed into law because of the many controversial articles it contained.

This issue even got attention from foreign journalist at JFCC Panel Discussion last week.

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Revisi Undang-Undang Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana

DPR membatalkan pengesahan UU KUHP pada 12 Februari lalu karena desakan yang kuat dari masyarakat. Bahkan isu ini menarik perhatian wartawan asing dan dibahas dalam diskusi panel Jakarta Foreign Correspondent Club.

DPR akan kembali membahas RUU KUHP ini setelah reses selesai pada 4 Maret 2018. RUU KUHP telah diajukan sejak 2012 dan hingga kini belum disahkan karena banyaknya pasal-pasal kontroversial. Rancangan UU KUHP dinilai banyak mengandung berbagai pasal kontroversial seperti:

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