The Invaluable MavBuhay Trip, #MavOuting2019!

Tell me, what’s the best thing that could happen to an Intern? I know there might be endless scenarios out there, but for me, the answer is to actually join a company outing trip to Manila, the Philippines!

As one of the winners of The Recruit 2019, a prestigious marketing communication competition for university level, I was granted the opportunity to experience a two-month internship at Maverick.

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Where did Jokowi’s Lead Go?

Incumbent Jokowi was looking good, even unassailable, in the runup for the Presidential elections.

He had a slick social media campaign, he was popular with a common touch, he could claim credit for massive infrastructure successes from Jakarta’s MRT to toll roads linking cities in Java and in Eastern Indonesia. His supporters had much to crow about.

And crow they did. It is impossible to wade into social media without coming across the snarky, witty comments and memes generated by the Jokowi supporters. Generally one gets a feeling that they look down on the other camp, dismissing them as clumsy, crass, corrupt and beyond the pale.

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OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja

Two Women Mark A Glowing Path in Indonesian Banking

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are handing the microphone to two women executives that mark a glowing path as the spokesperson for their respective banks throughout 2018: BRI Director Handayani and OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja.

These two inspiring women made it into the Top 5 Most Featured Banking Executives, according to Maverick Banking Media Performance Report 2018; a report that measures the effectiveness of communication strategy of the top 20 banks in Indonesia by monitoring news in 20 top media as well as social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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