Catalyst 2015 Vol.4 : A Day to Remember

What happens when you put 51 staffers from 34 NGOs and communities into a room and get them to work together?

That’s just what we in Maverick did three weeks ago when we ran the latest workshop under our Catalyst program. The Catalyst, for the uninitiated, is Maverick’s effort to give back to society by empowering local NGOs and communities with communications skills. These skills should give them a higher visibility for their causes.

The result was a day of learning, lots of fun and laughter, relationships begun between the different NGOs and communities and a realization that they can do so much more on social media for their organizations.

The topic that day was on “Embracing Digital and Social Media: How to Produce Engaging Digital Content for Local NGOs and Communities” and we had two social media superstars to facilitate the workshop.

The first was Wicaksono, who is more well-known as Ndoro Kakung, currently the Editor in Chief of but a mainstay in the social media scene for years. The next facilitator was the ever infectiously bubbly Hanny Kusumawati, an alumni of Maverick who now freelances and assists large companies like Coca-Cola, Citibank, Google,, Evernote, Microsoft, and Viber to develop their communication plans.


The workshop was scheduled to start at 10 am but the participants were so eager that most of them came early and waited for the session to start. Represented were staff from groups such as Kopernik, YCAB, Komnas Perempuan, Koalisi Perempuan, Telapak, Saujana and Malam Puisi.

Maverick’s Managing Director Lita Soenardi kicked off the day’s proceedings with a short welcome speech. She was followed by Hanny, who gave an overview of the most popular social media platforms favored by Indonesians and the different types of content that goes best with each different platform.

Ndoro then shared his perspective on the essential things to know about content and how to make them engaging for their audiences. Hanny took over after Ndoro and she spoke about maintaining digital presence.


The participants were then divided into groups and given 20 minutes to create their own digital campaigns according to a set topic. This set off a hive of activity as the groups brainstormed, argued, laughed and collaborated in coming up with the best ideas they could think of.

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The groups then had to present the results of their creative efforts to Hanny and Maverick partner Ong Hock Chuan, who provided a critique for each of the group’s efforts. More laughter followed as the groups were taken through the creative process and how their work was viewed through experienced sets of eyes before the session ended.

The participants apparently enjoyed themselvs and felt that they learned a lot. Said one of the participants, Komisi Anti Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan (Komnas Permpuan)’s Elwi Gito, in his blog: “This workshop is very cool! I hope Maverick’s initiative to create a pro-bono training like this will be followed by other companies.” He added that this was a practical way to come to grips with the digital revolution that was happening before our very eyes.

Here are some snapshots from his blog:



Another participant, from Yayasan Pendidikan HORE, William said: “Before the workshop, we only knew how to create Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts but we didn’t know what we should do next, which is producing important content.

“This workshop gave us useful guidelines on how to produce engaging content for our digital and social media platforms. I personally love the group assignment because that’s what helps me understand the guidelines better,” he said.

Bumi Hadyarti from Malam Puisi Community added “Thanks to this workshop, we know what we are going to do next because we finally know what to do so that our digital and social media presence can grow. I will share the knowledge that I received from the workshop with my colleagues so we can focus on the platform that caters best to my community needs.”


From the participants’ feedback they loved attending the wokshop because not only were they learning something new that they can use for their organizations; they also got to meet their counterparts in other NGOs and communities.

And that makes us happy to hear because we feel that a communications consultancy should be a hub for the various interest groups, organizations and communities that help shape the social agenda for our community.

The materials from the workshop are available on our slideshare.

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