Nuh-uh-uh to Lalala Fest

Is the Lalala Fest, an annual music festival held in the Orchid Forest near Lembang since 2016, Indonesia’s equivalent of the notorious Fyre Festival, dubbed The Greatest Party that Never Happened?

Perhaps Lalala could not match Fyre in terms of ambition, but what they lacked in international scale they made up with equally egregious promises and responses. But what’s worse for the Lalala organizers is that they had three years to learn from their mistakes – and they failed miserably there.

Since 2016, the Lalala music festival has been promising attendees an enchanting experience for music lovers in the forest. Each year, however, they have failed to deliver on their promise and disappointed its fans instead.

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The Millennial Conscious Consumer

PechaKucha Nights are always quite enlightening and stimulating because you get to learn what various thought and community leaders are up to.

Speakers at the PechaKucha Night Vol 36 on Conscious Consumption pose with DBS Indonesia’s Head of Group Strategic and Marketing Communications Mona Monika (far right). The bank is an active supporter of PechaKucha Night Jakarta.

The last PechaKucha Night, with the theme Consume Consciously was particularly insightful. There were seven speakers, each committed to the 20X20 format of PechaKucha – 20 slides at 20 seconds each to share their ideas.

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Shopee, Kuda Hitam E-commerce Indonesia

Platform e-commerce Shopee berhasil memperkuat citranya melalui liputan di media massa dengan jumlah signifikan terutama pada kegiatan kampanye pemasaran dan promosi, berdasarkan laporan Maverick E-commerce Media Insights April-September 2018. Di antara 13 platform e-commerce yang termasuk dalam laporan tersebut, Shopee merebut posisi ketiga dengan 888 pemberitaan, sementara Bukalapak dan Tokopedia memimpin di posisi pertama dan kedua dengan 1.178 dan 1.020 pemberitaan.

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Kisah Inspirasi dari Achmad Zaky dan William Tanuwijaya Angkat Reputasi Perusahaan

CEO Bukalapak, Achmad Zaky, menjadi figur di dunia e-commerce yang paling banyak disebut di media dengan jumlah artikel sebanyak 144, berdasarkan laporan Maverick E-commerce Media Insights periode April-September 2018. Posisi tersebut kemudian disusul oleh Country Brand Manager Shopee Indonesia Rezki Yanuar sebanyak 118 artikel, dan CEO Tokopedia William Tanuwijaya sebanyak 82 artikel. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa figur pendiri perusahaan memiliki peran tersendiri dalam pemberitaan mengenai perusahaan.

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The Internet was supposed to make the world more transparent and more of us more accountable. Somewhere around when The Cluetrain Manifesto was written there was a feeling, now seeming naïve, that the Internet would help us get closer to the truth.

What we have discovered of late, however, that the opposite has happened and we have somehow been transported into a post-truth world where we are constantly being taken in by hoaxes and fake news.

In this sad state of affairs, the conventional media, whether offline or online, was supposed to be something we can rely on to sift the truth from the falsehoods. But even they are finding this task challenging.

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Internet harusnya membuat dunia lebih terbuka dan melahirkan lebih banyak lagi orang-orang yang bertanggung jawab. Sebuah buku berjudul The Cluetrain Manifesto menyebutkan bahwa internet dapat membuat setiap orang jadi lebih dekat dengan kebenaran. Sekarang pernyataan tersebut terdengar naif.

Apa yang kita lihat akhir-akhir ini adalah kebalikannya. Kita telah beralih ke era post-truth, yaitu sebuah masa di mana keyakinan pribadi lebih mempengaruhi opini publik dibandingkan fakta-fakta objektif. Fenomena ini membuat perhatian kita terus-menerus terjerumus ke hoaks dan berita bohong.

Dalam situasi yang menyedihkan ini, media-media konvensional, baik cetak maupun daring, semestinya dapat menjadi saluran yang tepat untuk menyaring informasi-informasi faktual di tengah gempuran berita bohong.

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Di Balik Dua Kartu Merah dalam MavFutsal 2018

Ketegangan mulai terasa saat wasit meniup peluit yang menandakan dimulainya pertandingan semi-final antara tim futsal jurnalis Kemenpora FC dengan CNN Indonesia FC.

Kedua tim saling memperebutkan satu tempat di babak final MavFutsal 2018, sebuah pertandingan futsal yang Maverick selenggarakan untuk berbagi kesenangan sekaligus melepas kepenatan teman-teman jurnalis dari rutinitas harian yang padat.

Ketegangan bertambah saat CNN Indonesia FC mampu melesatkan gol pertama ke gawang Kemenpora FC. Menjelang menit-menit penghabisan babak pertama, situasi makin memanas dan kedua tim pun saling menyahut dengan kata-kata yang memancing emosi. Semakin memanas hingga berakhir dengan salah satu pemain Kemenpora FC menampar pemain CNN Indonesia FC. Wasit pun melakukan intervensi dan menghadiahkan dua kartu merah untuk dua pemain yang berseteru.

Hukuman pelanggaran tampaknya belum berhasil mengendalikan suasana karena salah satu pemain justru berteriak: “Habis ini kita ngobrol di luar!”

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Behind the Two Red-Cards in MavFutsal 2018

There was tension in the air when the referee blew his whistle to start the semi-final match between journalist futsal teams Kemenpora FC and CNN Indonesia FC.

At stake was a place in the finals of MavFutsal 2018, a friendly competition that we in Maverick organized to allow our hardworking journalist friends to have some fun and let off some steam from their rigorous schedules.

Steam, however, was building up in the Kemenpora-CNN game after he latter scored the first goal. Toward the last minutes of the first half a heated exchange of words could be heard from players from both sides. This soon escalated, and a Kemenpora Player slapped a CNN player. The referee intervened, stopped the game and issued a red card to both of them.

That didn’t help to cool things down and one of them was heard to have muttered: “After this, let’s have a talk outside!”

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GO-JEK: Going all in or getting away?

GO-JEK is known for shattering conventions and getting away with it. Did it just do this again in the company’s sort of Coming Out Day last week?

It was sort of because on October 11 it joined other companies operating in the more liberal parts of the world to celebrate Diversity, which also falls on LGBTQ Awareness Day. Only instead of going whole hog on it, GO-JEK only mounted an internal campaign among its staff. It put up a gallery in its office displaying the pictures and the stories of its employees who have bravely “embraced freedom, self-acceptance and tolerance”.

The title for this internal campaign was a brave “Going All In” and one of its posters talked about embracing differences, including in sexual orientation. Yet it stopped short of using the acronym “LGTBQ”.

Even so, the campaign seems rather brave and contrarian in Indonesia, which has seen the rise of a noisy, religious Right of late.

But being brave is one thing, being myopic is another.

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