Maverick admitted to international alliance of crisis and litigation specialists

Over the past 17 years Maverick has carved out a name for itself as the go-to firm for crisis management and high-profile litigation cases.

We are delighted to announce that from this month Maverick has been admitted to the select group of crisis and litigation communications specialists worldwide, the Crisis and Litigation Communicators Alliance.

We look forward to working with the CLC to further deepen out knowledge and sharpen our skills as well as providing clients with a worldwide network of specialists for the cross-border litigation issues.


UBS all hog-tied in China

This is an interesting case for crisis management aficionados.

We live in interesting times indeed when hypersensitivity meets the mob mentality on social media.

UBS Chief Economist Paul Donovan was commenting in his podcast on China’s economy and how there’s been some inflation caused by sick pigs in China. The country has recently had to cull 1.1 million pigs because of an outbreak of swine fever.

He tried to add a bit of color to his commentary instead of dishing out the usual cut-and-dried tone of economists: “Does this matter?” he asked. “It matters if you are a Chinese pig. It matters if you like eating pork in China.”

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Zen in a Toilet Bowl in Modern Japan

Influenced by manga, anime, martial arts, and Zen since young, Monitoring and Analytics manager Charlie Tjokrodinata’s dream came true when he got the opportunity to visit Japan. There he found his inner Zen in the most unlikely of places.

From childhood, Japan has been a spiritual and somewhat of a cultural home for me.

Japanese culture, for people of my generation, was to us what Korean culture is to Gen Z today. I grew up on manga comics and Japanese animated films, more popularly known as anime. My infatuation with manga, anime and Hong Kong action movies drove me to pick up martial arts.

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Adventures and Awards in Cat City

Maybe I’m naïve but I’ve always believed that good things would come from good work.

So when my boss come up to me one day and said: “Hey, we’ll most likely be winning a regional PR award for Maverick,” I was nonchalant.

Well, we deserve such an award, I thought. I had seen first-hand over the past couple of years how hard everyone in Maverick worked in coming up with creative ideas, developing communications plans for clients and took pains in providing our clients with the best advice they can muster.

But then my boss, Ong, sprang the surprise: “And you will be coming with me to Kuching to receive the award.”

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Nascent Consciousness in Nepal

Solo traveling did not come easy for me. It took me four years of wishful thinking before I could summon enough courage to travel alone to somewhere distant and adventurous.

For someone raised in a family where girls are looked down upon, it took the lure of a free stipend from a Personal Development Fund from Maverick, the company I work for, to decide me to travel. The fun, equivalent to a month’s salary, is what the company gives its staff who have worked there for a year to develop themselves. They can do so traveling to a place they haven’t been before or taking a course that develops them as persons.

Resolute, I bought air tickets for Kathmandu, packed my bag, and told my parents that I was visiting my best friend in Bangkok, a necessary little white lie to placate my conservative parents.

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Where did Jokowi’s Lead Go?

Incumbent Jokowi was looking good, even unassailable, in the runup for the Presidential elections.

He had a slick social media campaign, he was popular with a common touch, he could claim credit for massive infrastructure successes from Jakarta’s MRT to toll roads linking cities in Java and in Eastern Indonesia. His supporters had much to crow about.

And crow they did. It is impossible to wade into social media without coming across the snarky, witty comments and memes generated by the Jokowi supporters. Generally one gets a feeling that they look down on the other camp, dismissing them as clumsy, crass, corrupt and beyond the pale.

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Pradipta Nugrahanto: Kita Tidak Berbicara Angka, Tetapi Lebih ke Trust dan Value

Indonesia saat ini sedang menikmati perkembangan industri digital yang pesat, tercermin dari berkembangnya industri startup. Di awal tahun ini, Indonesia berada di peringkat ke-5 untuk negara dengan jumlah startup terbanyak dengan 2.071 startup.

Kehadiran media yang fokus pada industri startup memiliki peran besar di tengah pesatnya perkembangan industri digital di Indonesia. Media-media ini diharapkan bisa memberikan informasi yang akan dapat membantu para pelaku industri startup dalam mengembangkan bisnis mereka.

Salah satunya adalah Tech in Asia, sebuah media komunitas online pelaku startup di Indonesia. Pada 15 Maret lalu, Maverick berkesempatan untuk berbincang-bincang dengan Pradipta Nugrahanto, Editor in Chief Tech in Asia Indonesia. Bagiamana pria yang akrab dipanggil Mas Dipta ini memimpin Tech in Asia? Berikut hasil wawancara kami dengan beliau:

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OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja

Two Women Mark A Glowing Path in Indonesian Banking

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are handing the microphone to two women executives that mark a glowing path as the spokesperson for their respective banks throughout 2018: BRI Director Handayani and OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja.

These two inspiring women made it into the Top 5 Most Featured Banking Executives, according to Maverick Banking Media Performance Report 2018; a report that measures the effectiveness of communication strategy of the top 20 banks in Indonesia by monitoring news in 20 top media as well as social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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