Di Balik Dua Kartu Merah dalam MavFutsal 2018

Ketegangan mulai terasa saat wasit meniup peluit yang menandakan dimulainya pertandingan semi-final antara tim futsal jurnalis Kemenpora FC dengan CNN Indonesia FC.

Kedua tim saling memperebutkan satu tempat di babak final MavFutsal 2018, sebuah pertandingan futsal yang Maverick selenggarakan untuk berbagi kesenangan sekaligus melepas kepenatan teman-teman jurnalis dari rutinitas harian yang padat.

Ketegangan bertambah saat CNN Indonesia FC mampu melesatkan gol pertama ke gawang Kemenpora FC. Menjelang menit-menit penghabisan babak pertama, situasi makin memanas dan kedua tim pun saling menyahut dengan kata-kata yang memancing emosi. Semakin memanas hingga berakhir dengan salah satu pemain Kemenpora FC menampar pemain CNN Indonesia FC. Wasit pun melakukan intervensi dan menghadiahkan dua kartu merah untuk dua pemain yang berseteru.

Hukuman pelanggaran tampaknya belum berhasil mengendalikan suasana karena salah satu pemain justru berteriak: “Habis ini kita ngobrol di luar!”

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Behind the Two Red-Cards in MavFutsal 2018

There was tension in the air when the referee blew his whistle to start the semi-final match between journalist futsal teams Kemenpora FC and CNN Indonesia FC.

At stake was a place in the finals of MavFutsal 2018, a friendly competition that we in Maverick organized to allow our hardworking journalist friends to have some fun and let off some steam from their rigorous schedules.

Steam, however, was building up in the Kemenpora-CNN game after he latter scored the first goal. Toward the last minutes of the first half a heated exchange of words could be heard from players from both sides. This soon escalated, and a Kemenpora Player slapped a CNN player. The referee intervened, stopped the game and issued a red card to both of them.

That didn’t help to cool things down and one of them was heard to have muttered: “After this, let’s have a talk outside!”

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GO-JEK: Going all in or getting away?

GO-JEK is known for shattering conventions and getting away with it. Did it just do this again in the company’s sort of Coming Out Day last week?

It was sort of because on October 11 it joined other companies operating in the more liberal parts of the world to celebrate Diversity, which also falls on LGBTQ Awareness Day. Only instead of going whole hog on it, GO-JEK only mounted an internal campaign among its staff. It put up a gallery in its office displaying the pictures and the stories of its employees who have bravely “embraced freedom, self-acceptance and tolerance”.

The title for this internal campaign was a brave “Going All In” and one of its posters talked about embracing differences, including in sexual orientation. Yet it stopped short of using the acronym “LGTBQ”.

Even so, the campaign seems rather brave and contrarian in Indonesia, which has seen the rise of a noisy, religious Right of late.

But being brave is one thing, being myopic is another.

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My First Footsteps in Three of the Most-Visited Countries in Asia

WorldAtlas.com says that the most-visited countries in Asia are China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, sequentially. The reason that I am telling this is because, last May, my Personal Development Fund (PDF) just allowed to leave my footsteps on the three of them, for the very first time, within one journey. Same as the other first-time-experiences that anybody has ever had, what I experienced is memorable, thanks to Maverick. Read More

Should Brands Get Political? Or is the risk too high?

Learnings from Nike’s Dream Crazy Advertisement

Last week Nike unveiled Dream Crazy, its boldest and most controversial advertisement that reaped a whirlwind of mixed reactions.

click picture to see the video

Its detractors, including the President of the United States, were scandalized and enraged by the sport brand’s foray into politics. Some even threatened to burn Nike shoes. Its supporters, however, contributed to a 31% increase in its online sales.

The episode raises the question of whether a brand should wade into a toxic political atmosphere and it has profound implications for marketers to millennials, particularly in Indonesia where we are in the midst of a divisive presidential election campaign.

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Didi Chuxing Murder Statement

Didi Chuxing: Why People Don’t Buy Their Touching Statements After Second Murder

On the surface, Chinese ride-hailing service behemoth Didi Chuxing seems to have read the playbook on crisis management.

When it came under a barrage of criticism after a driver in its carpooling service, Hitch, raped and murdered a female passenger last Friday, it said and did what you’d expect a responsible company to do.

It deployed what industry calls the 3Rs of crisis communications. It expressed Regret — Didi extended their condolences to the grieving family and professed deep regret for their shortcoming; Reason — They humbly and touchingly admitted that the unfortunate incident happened because they prioritized growth over safety; and Remedy – They fired two high-profile executives, indefinitely suspended Hitch nationwide, and reprioritized safety in their entire operations.

The 3Rs are sufficient in most instances to neutralize criticism and allow the company to get on the road to recovery. This, however, did not happen. Instead, the criticism of Didi carries on unabated and is starting to look worse by the day.

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Japan, We’re in Love!

There is something magical about Japan, waiting to be revealed

When you hear the word “Japan”, what do you have in mind? Sushi? Kimono? Sakura blossoms? Some might even think of the Fuji Mountain, Japan’s highest mountain and most iconic landmark. From the breathtaking natural landscapes to its authentic food, from the cultural history to the modern technology, people around the world are so intrigued by Japan that they decide to travel there for the unique travel experience offered. According to Japan Tourism Statistics, the number of foreign visitors to Japan last year reached 28.7 million and the number keeps increasing!

Among those foreign visitors were our Mavchicks and Mavbros. Utilizing Maverick’s Personal Development Fund (PDF), six of Mavchicks and Mavbros—Marsha, Dhini, Fuad, Karen, Karina, and Rendy—visited Japan at different times during 2016-2018. For you who wonder what PDF is, it is a benefit provided by Maverick to its employees to go to places that have never been visited or take courses and learn new things outside of work. The purpose of PDF is to support employees in developing themselves and adding experience beyond their daily work. Sounds cool, huh?

Curious about their experience, we asked them five questions. Their answers might give you hints about Japan and help you plan your holiday when you decide to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Direktur Utama Bank BUMN Lebih Populer Dari Bank Swasta

Berbeda dari konsepsi umum, direktur utama bank BUMN ternyata menunjukkan kontribusi lebih besar untuk membangun citra positif bank mereka, menurut riset Maverick Banking Media Performance Report H1-2018 yang dikeluarkan pada 30 Juli lalu.

Sepanjang Januari-Juni 2018, Direktur Utama BRI, Suprajarto berhasil menempati peringkat teratas dari daftar Most Featured Executives pada Semester 1-2018, dengan 325 artikel (29% dari keseluruhan pemberitaan BRI). Jumlah ini meningkat lebih dari dua kali lipat dibandingkan periode yang sama tahun lalu. Tingginya peningkatan pemberitaan mengenai Suprajarto ditopang oleh pemberitaan terkait kasus skimming serta laporan keuangan BRI pada kuartal I-2018.

Maverick Banking Media Performance Report H1-2018 adalah laporan yang mengukur pencapaian strategi komunikasi publik dari 20 bank terbesar di Indonesia dengan memonitor peliputan industri perbankan di 20 media serta media sosial diantaranya Twitter, Facebook dan Instagram.

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Cara Baru Untuk Viral?

Kapan terakhir makan di KFC Indonesia? Jika baru-baru ini, apakah Anda sadar bahwa KFC Indonesia tengah melakukan kampanye #NoStrawMovement?

Kampanye ini sebenarnya sudah berjalan sejak Mei 2017. Jika kita gabungkan dengan jumlah gerai KFC yang mencapai 608 toko dan kegemaran makan KFC yang tidak pernah surut, seharusnya kampanye dapat berjalan secara efektif bukan?

Sayangnya bukan itu yang terjadi. Banyak orang yang masih belum sadar akan kampanye ini. Padahal kampanye ini juga dilakukan juga secara digital oleh KFC Indonesia dan didukung oleh berbagai influencers seperti yang bisa kita lihat di berbagai tautan ini:

dari KFC Indonesia

Dari Kevin Aprilio:

Dari Slank:

Dari Scubadivers.id

Dari Lolita Lavietha:

Dari Greeners.id:

Menariknya kampanye ini justru mendapatkan perhatian banyak orang saat ada cuitan yang viral ini

Viralnya percakapan ini memang dapat dilihat dari berbagai sisi. Namun saya ingin membahasnya dari sisi kampanye digital.

Semenjak pemilihan presiden 2014, konten yang cepat viral di media sosial adalah yang memiliki unsur negatif. Efek buruknya, berbagai berita negatif dan hoax dengan mudahnya tersebar.

Selain itu, perdebatan juga menjadi tontonan favorit netizen, kali ini mereka dapat memberikan pendapat atau sekedar memanas-manasi. Konten perdebatan ini nantinya akan di sebarkan lagi, dan membuatnya makin viral.

Apakah kampanye digital harus bergeser ke arah seperti ini agar viral? Bisa jadi. Tapi tentu saja bukan dengan berbagai hal yang negatif, lebih ke sesuatu yang unik dan berbeda dengan kampanye digital yang “lurus”.

Brand sudah harus memikirkan jenis konten apa saja yang akan memancing keingintahuan netizen. Menurut saya, brand bisa membuat “keributan” agar netizen tertarik untuk menyebarkan atau memberi komentar dari konten tersebut.

Dalam penyediaan konten seperti ini posisi brand menjadi penting. Brand perlu menjadi hero, bijak dalam menjawab, dan memberi informasi yang benar. Kerja sama dengan influencer dapat dilakukan sebagai agen yang menyebarkan di kanal mereka masing-masing. Dengan ini percakapan akan lebih terasa organik.

Jika kita berkaca pada cuitan soal pelanggan yang protes tadi. Kita bisa lihat bagaimana sebuah percakapan yang organik tercipta. Tentu saja ini bukan bagian dari kampanye KFC untuk mempromosikan #NoStrawMovement, tapi karena cuitan itu #NoStrawMovement menjadi lebih terdengar gaungnya. Selanjutnya tinggal bagaimana KFC Indonesia menggunakan momentum ini untuk memperluas kampanye mereka.

Ditulis oleh Rendy Imandita, lead designer dan consultant Maverick.