Chasing Snow in the Winter Wonderland

Karen is a consultant in Maverick, who has been working for almost three years. She has been handling clients from different industries, including Microsoft and Sennheiser. Karen is a big fan of the K-Pop culture and sceneries. In December 2016, she took her Personal Development Fund to visit South Korea, the country that she has been dreaming of. This is her journey.

Living in the hustle and bustle of the capital city for almost a quarter of a century, I had been aiming to spending some of my time off in a much more tranquil place. A place where I can soothe my mind and gratefully rejoice the magnificence of nature. I usually relish this dream by watching movies at times, movies with beautiful nature as the setting.

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Pers Indonesia di Era Kabar Bohong

Hoax atau kabar bohong makin merajalela. Tak hanya beredar di media sosial, wabah hoax bahkan sudah menjangkiti media-media yang dulunya dikenal sebagai produk jurnalistik andal dan tepercaya. Bukan hanya sekali dua kali media di Indonesia menerbitkan kabar bohong yang sumbernya dari situs parodi atau palsu.

Bagaimana pers harus bersikap? Fenomena hoax merupakan salah satu isu yang mengemuka pada Hari Pers Nasional (HPN), 9 Februari 2017. Perayaan puncak hari bersejarah ini dilakukan di Ambon dan dihadiri oleh Presiden Joko Widodo.

Hoax atau kabar bohong sebenarnya bukan isu baru, tetapi belakangan ini mencuat lagi karena dua hal, panasnya suhu politik dan popularitas media sosial. Di ranah politik, hoax dipakai sebagai bahan kampanye para kandidat untuk menjatuhkan lawannya. Praktik ini dimulai pada masa pemilihan presiden 2014 dan berlanjut di masa pemilihan kepala daerah serentak. Pilkada DKI Jakarta adalah salah satu perhelatan politik yang sangat diwarnai oleh peredaran hoax tentang ketiga pasangan calon.


Media sosial, seperti Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, merupakan kanal informasi yang menjadi lahan subur merebaknya kabar bohong. Hoax beredar dari satu laman ke laman lain, dari satu media ke media lain, dari satu ruang obrolan digital ke ruang grup digital lainnya.

Berita bohong tentu tak boleh dibiarkan terus berkeliaran dan dikonsumsi publik karena berpotensi memicu gejolak sosial dan konflik horisontal. Banyak orang dan organisasi yang juga dirugikan karena dihajar berita bohong. Maraknya hoax bahkan telah mengurangi kepercayaan publik terhadap pers.

Peran pers yang kredibel dan bertanggung jawab sangat dibutuhkan dalam situasi seperti sekarang. Ini adalah momentum yang tepat bagi pers untuk merebut kembali kepercayaan masyarakat. Pers harus mampu meluruskan hal yang bengkok, menjernihkan kekeruhan yang terjadi di media sosial, dan tidak lantas ikut larut dan malah memungut isu-isu yang belum terverifikasi di media sosial sebagai bahan berita. Pers wajib tetap menjunjung tinggi etika jurnalistik, faktualitas, objektivitas, dan disiplin melakukan verifikasi.


Selamat Hari Pers Nasional.

Until I see you again, Korea

Khalda is an account coordinator in Maverick, who has been working for more than a year. In December 2016, she took her Personal Development Fund (PDF) to visit a country that has always been her desired destination – South Korea. This is her story.

South Korea is a top destination listed by many travel sites, from Lonely Planet to CNN Travel. Its abundant charms have made this country too irresistible to be ignored. Korean culture has also made its way worldwide and is especially popular with the younger population who seem engrossed with K-Pop,K-Drama, K-Food, or K-Beauty.

For me, like many who knew what Korean Full House is, my first encounter with Korean culture is from its drama series. Somehow, they are really good at portraying and making their culture, top destinations, and food really appealing through their TV programs. A shot of Korean Ramyeon being eaten by an actor, or people making Kimchi on a winter day in the beautiful Hanok village, is enough to make us wonder “how great it is to live there”.

These instruments of “cultural diplomacy” finally got me hooked. One day, after way too much time spent watching Korean drama, my spontaneous nature suddenly kicked in. I searched for a winter flight to Seoul and started to make two lists: one of places I want to visit and another of foods I want to eat. This is going to be my second time going abroad alone, and I promised myself to enjoy it to the fullest.

Maverick had helped me keep that promise. With Maverick’s PDF – Personal Development Fund, I was able to make this Korea trip happen. As the name suggests the fund is set aside for Maverick’s employees to travel to new places, try something new, learn something new so that they can develop themselves as human beings. I’ve seen how my colleagues used their PDFs, and I’ve seen how taking a trip made them feel refreshed or how enrolling in a course gave them new skills. And now I have the opportunity to tap on the fund.


One activity that I had on my list is going to a Korean sauna, known as jjimjilbang. It was a really unique experience. I thought all the readings and TV shows have prepared me for what I’m going to see and experience at a jjimjilbang, but I was really caught by surprise.

I went to a famous jjimjilbang in Seoul with a friend that I met in my hostel. We paid our entrance fee and went our separate ways to the changing room. What I saw next still shocked me until this day. I saw naked women casually walking around the room, drying their hair, putting on make-up, or even casually chatting with a friend.

Thanks to the Internet, I already knew that I will see naked women at some point. It’s a sauna and public bath after all. But I was not prepared to see them casually doing things without a single stitch on! I was surprised and flustered. I did not know what to do, should I try to “blend with the locals” in the public bath (like how some well adjusted foreigners did), or keep my covers and go straight to the sauna?

That was the moment I remembered how I promised to enjoy this trip to the fullest. So I tried the public bath, local style. And I’m glad that I did. The public bath refreshed me after a long flight. I also tried their various saunas, which are awesome! The saunas ranged from super cold, just cool, medium hot, to super hot. My favorite is the Red Clay sauna. It was hot enough to make you sweat in a good way, but not too hot to burn you.


I also went to several beautiful places in Korea. I visited Mount Seorak, a well-known hiking spot covered with snow. Coming from a tropical country, I was really excited to see snow, which was also everywhere when I went to Gangwon-do to visit the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm. The weather was great so the winter view from the hill was stunning.


Other beautiful places that I visited were Nami Island, Korea Folk Village, and Morning Calm Arboretum. The arboretum was exceptionally beautiful because all the trees had shed their leaves for winter and the staff there has decorated them with various lights. When the sun goes down, the staff turned the lights on. The lights, the decorations, and the snow created an amazing view for us to gaze upon. Everybody wanted to take photos of every corner, so the place was packed, but this is still a must visit destination if you come to South Korea in the winter.



The thing that made me most excited about coming to Korea is the food. I know there are a lot of Korean restaurants in Jakarta, but I wanted to taste the original, the true taste of Korean cuisine, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

From street foods like tteokbokki, eomuk, and bungeoppang to local delights such as kalguksu, samgyetang, and chimaek, they are all awesome. They all have this balanced flavor in their dish, a taste of sweet, spicy, bitterness, and savory. It’s enough to make my palate dance every time I eat those. Oh, and don’t get me started on the kimchi. I love their radish kimchi that’s very hard to find in Indonesia.

img_20161225_155138 img_20161223_121934 img_20161228_141003 img_20161227_113621

And the verdict is?

My 10-day trip to South Korea was definitely one of the best trips I’ve had so far. I did keep my promise until the end; I enjoyed every single moment to the fullest. I ate and explored the beautiful South Korea, met a lot of nice people along the way, communicated with the locals (with my broken Korean and ability to read hangul), and had a great time along the way. I will definitely be back for a second time, and even a third time, given the chance.


The experience I got from the trip was priceless and I will always thankful for the PDF program that enables me to have this amazing trip.

A Trip to the Star


“There are two possibilities: whether we’re alone in the universe or we are not. Either way, it’s equally horrifying” – unknown

My interest towards space started not so early in life. As a kid, I was a coward. The slightest image of extra-terrestrial life can scare me to a sleepless night. This happened even with the popular ones like Star Trek and Star Wars. I always think it’s better if we are the one and only intelligent beings in the universe. As I grow up, I started to think otherwise. This earth is not expanding, but the people, on the other hand, are. Maybe the only way of mankind survival is an expansion to other planets, other solar systems, and other galaxies.

This is the main reason I wanted to see the Milky Way, our closest neighboring galaxy: to reassess my whole view about life.

And that’s what happened during the course of 10 days in a trip I took to Flores. I’ve never been to Flores, nor have I seen the Milky Way. That’s why when the trip organizer stated we’re going to “chase” the Milky Way, I know this trip is going to be extra special.

This trip is made possible by Maverick’s PDF – Personal Development Fund. As the name clearly stated, Maverick prepared a designated amount of fund for its employees to try something new, do something different, or travel to new places. This is a policy I rarely see anywhere in Indonesia, and its purpose to increase the productivity of the employees works very well with my colleagues. I have seen how some of my office-mates got home from their PDF-funded travels or activities feeling all refreshed and renewed; and this time, it’s my turn.


Overland Trip

For this trip, I know only the bare minimum information, keeping the suspense, just like how I did before watching any movies. I didn’t search my way through the internet about our destinations, I didn’t tweet or post anything about this trip online until two days before, to keep people from spoiling it, I didn’t even check the full itinerary. All I know: we’re going across from Ende to Labuan Bajo on a car, and then living onboard a boat. I didn’t even know how long each trip will be.

Arriving in Ende through a two-transits trip (Surabaya and Kupang, both are cities I never set foot before), the first thing I realized is the poster with the words “Ende, the city of tolerance” hung on the wall, a clear sign that I’m going to like this trip. And boy, was I right.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this trip is an open trip, which means there are 9 other people traveling together with me, from different backgrounds, different ages, and even different cities. It took us less than 24 hours to actually bond as a group. Even when three other persons were added to the group on the LOB (Living on Board) part, the friendship is still so warm.

On our way to Wae Rebo

On our way to Wae Rebo


The highlights of the trip:

  • We hiked Kelimutu, as early as 4.30 in the morning. The way up is nothing short of exhausting, but the view from the top is worth all the sweat and tears. I’m joking of course, there’s almost no tear involved.
  • I lived without any cellular signal and communication with the “outer world” when I was in Din Tor and Wae Rebo. The trip to Wae Rebo is twice as long as the Kelimutu hike, and almost twice as steep; But the view, the serenity, and the friendliness of the locals, left me with nothing else but gratefulness.
  • We got onboard the boat on the 7th day, and it’s nothing like I imagined. The boat was totally comfortable, enough for the 13 of us to sit around doing nothing comfortably.
  • During the island hopping to great islands such as Padar (where I witnessed one of the best view in the world as depicted below), Rinca (where I finally see a komodo dragon up close), Gili Lawa Darat (where I witnessed the Milky Way with my naked eyes), and many others, we took a short stop at the Manta Point. I can’t even swim properly, but I jumped into that strong current area to see the majestic Manta, and I regret nothing.

Padar Island, one of the best view I saw while island-hopping.


Sunrise in Lake Kelimutu

In one trip, over ten days period, I did more new things than I have done on the last 10 years of my life. That is where it hit me hard, that there are so many new things that I haven’t done. From the depth of the ocean, to the sky and beyond, humans are but a tiny speck of dust in the galaxy; and it really puts life into perspective. I went home from this trip feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to handle what life has prepared for me.

The Milky Way over Gili Lawa Darat

The Milky Way over Gili Lawa Darat

I thank Maverick for the opportunity. I never have imagined I would be lucky enough to be supported on doing something like this by the company I work for. Paying the employees with salary good enough for them to save up and plan a holiday is one thing, but setting aside a separate sum specifically for the purpose of doing something new and expanding horizons is extraordinary, at the very least; an extraordinary thing that I can’t feel thankful enough of.

Bakat Terpendam Jurnalis Terungkap di MaVoice 2016


Apa yang terjadi jika seorang jurnalis yang bekerja memberikan informasi kepada masyarakat menyanyi di atas panggung megah diiringi band profesional? Akankah mereka mengalami demam panggung? Atau justru memberikan aksi panggung yang memukau?

Semua pertanyaan tersebut terjawab di MaVoice 2016. Akhir Oktober lalu, untuk keempat kali Maverick Indonesia mengadakan Grand Final MaVoice 2016. Ini adalah sebuah lomba tarik suara sekaligus ajang kumpul bersama para rekan media. Dan dalam acara bertema Let’s Swing! yang diadakan di De Leila FX Sudirman tersebut, Maverick mengajak para rekan media untuk menyaksikan penampilan spektakuler dari sembilan finalis yang berhasil masuk ke tahap grand final.

Adapun kesembilan finalis tersebut adalah Djati Darma (SCTV), Popy Sofyhida (Koran Sindo), Fajar Syahbana (Kompas TV), Muhammad Adimaja (Antara Foto), Sandi Murdani (Koran Jakarta), Umay (, Irham (, Dimas (CHIP), serta Trio GDS yang terdiri dari Ayu, Inang, dan Priska (Gadis).

Audisi untuk menentukan peserta Grand Final terbagi dalam empat tahap dan diselenggarakan sepanjang bulan Agustus hingga September 2016. Latar belakang berbeda, baik ekonomi, bisnis, olahraga, atau lifestyle bukanlah batasan untuk beradu suara. Jabatan pun bukan penghalang untuk berkumpul dan bernyanyi bersama dalam setiap audisi. Reporter, editor, fotografer, hingga pemimpin redaksi saling berlomba menyajikan penampilan terbaik melalui lagu favorit mereka. Semua sama, dipersatukan oleh hobi menyanyi.

Kemeriahan Malam Grand Final

Acara dibuka dengan penampilan para konsultan Maverick (Marcel Lengkei, Lidia Gabriella, Dionisia Reni, dan Theodora Sonya) yang tergabung dalam MAVSingers, menyanyikan lagu “L.O.V.E”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, dan “Mahadaya Cinta” secara medley. Dilanjutkan dengan penampilan pamungkas dari sembilan finalis. Disaksikan oleh sesama rekan jurnalis dan para suporter, masing-masing finalis terlihat memesona para tamu undangan. Lita Soenardi selaku partner Maverick Indonesia sekaligus juri berkomentar bahwa dirinya sangat kagum dengan penampilan finalis di malam itu. “Sungguh menyenangkan melihat rekan-rekan jurnalis berhasil tampil layaknya penyanyi profesional, dalam suasana yang santai dan akrab. Performa setiap finalis sangat luar biasa, sehingga tak mudah bagi juri dalam menentukan pemenang,” tambah Lita.

Setiap finalis memang terlihat telah mempersiapkan diri dengan matang. Sehingga masing-masing peserta tidak hanya menyajikan kualitas olah vokal yang membuat para tamu turut berdendang, tapi juga memperlihatkan performa spektakuler yang mampu mengundang decak kagum. Bergoyang, turun ke bawah panggung, hingga berinteraksi dengan penonton mereka lakukan tanpa ragu.

Gerimis di luar terlihat tidak menghalangi antusiasme para jurnalis untuk hadir dan bergabung dalam kemeriahan acara MaVoive 2016. Semakin malam, semakin banyak teman media yang hadir dan turut memeriahkan suasana. Apalagi ketika di pertengahan acara diselingi dengan penampilan Leonardo and His Impeccable Six, yang mampu menggoda tim Maverick dan rekan jurnalis untuk maju dan berdansa di depan panggung.


Malam semakin larut. Setiap finalis akhirnya selesai menampilkan lagu andalan di atas panggung. Dewan juri yang terdiri dari Lita Soenardi, Leonardo Ringo (vokalis Leonardo and His Impeccable Six), dan Rudolf Dethu (penulis, aktivis, dan manager band) pun mulai berdiskusi, untuk memutuskan siapa yang layak menjadi pemenang.

Setelah melalui diskusi panjang, para juri akhirnya memutuskan bahwa pemenangnya adalah:

Juara 1: Irham dari yang membawakan lagu “Ride” dari Twenty One Pilots. Irham tampil dengan aksi panggung yang lincah dan enerjik membawa suasana MaVoice Season 4 semakin meriah. Meskipun membawakan lagu dengan tempo yang cukup rumit dan aksi panggung enerjik, Irham berhasil menjaga kualitas vokalnya.

Juara 2: Muhammad Adimaja dari Antara Foto yang membawakan lagu “Juwita” dari Chrisye. Adimaja berhasil memilih lagu yang tepat dengan karakter vokalnya serta aksi panggungnya yang penuh percaya diri. Adimaja dengan aksi panggung yang menawan mengajak para penonton untuk berdansa di depan panggung. Bahkan juri berkomentar bahwa Adicumi, panggilannya, memiliki aura seorang bintang.

Juara 3: Trio GDS (Ayu, Priska, Inang) dari Gadis yang membawakan lagu “Tiga Dara” dari film Tiga Dara. Harmonisasi suara, kekompakan serta aksi panggung yang seru membawa Trio GDS muncul sebagai juara tiga.


Selain tiga pemenang tersebut, tim juri juga memberikan penghargaan khusus pada Djati Darma (SCTV) sebagai pemenang Best Costume. Dengan menggunakan suspender hitam, kemeja putih dan dasi kupu-kupu, penampilan Djati Darma malam itu sangat sesuai dengan tema “Let’s Swing!”, Djati dengan suara khasnya membawakan lagu “Aku Bukan Bang Thoyib” dari Wali yang diaransemen ulang dengan irama musik jazz swing.

Popy Sofyhida (Koran Sindo) sebagai pemenang Best Performance. Popy tampil dengan totalitas, menggunakan kostum ala anime Jepang lengkap dengan wig panjang berwarna abu metalik.

Tim pendukung dari Majalah Gadis keluar sebagai Best Supporter. Mereka membawa poster film Tiga Dara dengan foto yang telah diganti dengan wajah personil Trio GDS. Selain mendukung Trio GDS, supporter dari majalah Gadis ini juga mendukung para finalis lainnya.

Tentu kesuksesan acara tidak akan berjalan lancar tanpa dukungan dari para sponsor yaitu Sennheiser, OPPO F1s dari Indonesia OPPO Electronics, Airbus, dan Microsoft. Selain itu Maverick juga mengucapkan terima kasih pada Pixly, yang telah menyediakan photo booth penambah kemeriahan acara.

Selamat bagi para pemenang, dan sampai jumpa di MaVoice Season 5 di tahun 2017!

Komentar para pemenang:

Irham, Juara 1: Menurut saya MaVoice 2016 telah menjadi sebuah ajang menarik bagi teman media karena bisa membantu meningkatkan rasa percaya diri kita. Lagipula kapan lagi kita bisa menyanyi di sebuah panggung dengan diiringi band yang juga profesional? Jadi senang sih bisa bergabung dalam acara media gathering yang memungkinkan saya untuk menampilkan bakat, dan pulang dengan membawa hadiah menarik dari para sponsor.

Muhammad Adimaja, Juara 2: Rasanya masih nggak percaya bisa menjadi juara 2 dalam acara MaVoice 2016, karena terpilih menjadi finalis pun sebetulnya saya sudah senang. Selain itu bergabung dengan MaVoice juga membuat saya (dan rekan media lainnya) bisa menyalurkan bakat serta keluar dari rutinitas sehari-hari. Sedikit saran dari rekan media lain yang menyaksikan acara ini adalah, kalau bisa finalis menyanyikan dua lagu dong, jangan cuma satu lagu.

Trio GDS, Juara 3: Bagi kami MaVoice 2016 telah menjadi sarana untuk berkenalan dengan sesama rekan jurnalis, dan tentunya tim Maverick. Rasanya senang bisa bergabung dalam sebuah acara seru yang bertaburkan hadiah asyik. Selain itu meski menjadi juara 3, kami tetap merasa happy karena lagu Tiga Dara adalah lagu yang memang sering kita nyanyikan di kantor. Jadi bangga rasanya bisa meraih juara 3, apalagi karena penampilan finalis lain memang spektakuler. 

Untuk lihat foto-foto keseruan MaVoice 2016, klik di sini.

Diplomasi Kuda ala Jokowi dan Prabowo


(Untuk versi Bahasa Inggris, klik di sini)

Kami melanjutkan serial tulisan tentang apa yang terjadi di media sosial. Hari ini Ndoro Kakung menulis tentang reaksi netizen terhadap diplomasi kuda Jokowi.

By Ndoro Kakung

Presiden Joko Widodo berkunjung ke rumah Ketua Umum Partai Gerindra Prabowo Subianto di Bojong Koneng, Bogor, Senin (31/10/2016). Pertemuan kedua elite politik tersebut membuat riuh ranah media sosial.

Pertemuan dua seteru politik pada pemilihan presiden 2014 ini adalah yang kedua. Kata kunci “Prabowo” bahkan sempat masuk dalam daftar trending topic Twitter dari pagi hingga malam kemarin. Sebagian besar netizens menyambut positif pertemuan dua elit politik yang pernah bersaing dalam Pemilu Presiden 2014, meski ada juga yang memaknai lebih jauh pertemuan tersebut.

Baik pendukung Jokowi maupun Prabowo, terlihat senang menyaksikan kedua tokoh yang secara politik berseberangan itu pun sampai sekarang masih menjalin hubungan yang baik, tanpa konflik besar. Nara pendukung Jokowi juga menafsirkan pertemuan itu sebagai langkah politik presiden yang brilian.

Akun @zie_ananta misalnya mengaku begini, “Pak @jokowi @prabowo saya senang lihat foto ini, saya takut naik kuda, tapi saya suka topi bapak berdua .”

Akun @Yosefen_A bahkan menilai, “Jokowi ke hambalang itu ibarat jenderal perang ke tempat musuh berkemah. Ngetes nyali komandan lawan.”

Ada yang mengatakan Indonesia beruntung memiliki Jokowi dan Prabowo, karena selama ini para elite politik yang pernah berseteru jarang melakukan silaturahmi, tidak saling berkunjung ke kediaman resmi masing-masing. Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dan Presiden Megawati, misalnya, belum pernah berjumpa lagi dalam suasana yang akrab sejak Ketua Umum Partai Demokrat itu mengalahkan Ketua Umum PDIP itu dalam pemilihan presiden 2004.

Dari sisi komunikasi politik, safari politik Jokowi ke rumah Prabowo boleh dikatakan berhasil, dengan respons Netizen yang melihat Jokowi menunjukkan kepada publik bahwa hubungan baik dengan lawan politik masih tetap terjaga, bukan dengan retorika belaka, tetapi juga dengan kunjungan langsung ke rumahnya. Ini semakin menegaskan citra bahwa Jokowi adalah figur yang bertindak, bukan berbicara.

Akun Twitter @ubegebe1 yang memiliki lebih dari 13 ribu pengikut bahkan menyebut Jokowi sedang melakukan politik ‘high context’. Jokowi menemui Prabowo. Dilanjutkan dengan SBY menemui Wiranto.


Keberhasilan langkah Jokowi bisa dilihat dari turunnya ketegangan di kalangan pengguna media sosial yang selama ini terbelah dalam dua kubu, yang sejak pemilu presiden 2014 hingga sekarang, saling serang di media sosial.

Bahkan publik percaya bahwa diplomasi kuda Jokowi-Prabowo akan menurunkan suhu politik nasional, seperti yang ditwitkan oleh akun mantan pengurus Golkar Indra J Piliang, @IndraJPiliang. “Diplomasi naik kuda yg dilakukan Pak Jokowi dan Pak Prabowo bakal jadi suhu pendingin udara politik yg kini memanas. Lakukan dialog!”


Baik kubu pendukung Jokowi maupun Prabowo, sama-sama menyebut keduanya sebagai negarawan yang lebih mengutamakan kepentingan bangsa dibanding kepentingan pribadi.

@ferrywar (Arsitek Ferry Wardiman) menyebut peristiwa itu sebagai, “ Satu langkah rendah hati Jokowi, disambut dengan sikap positif kenegarawanan Prabowo, cukup membuat terlihat siapa yang di luar kalangan.”


Akun @DheaMerlinda mengatakan, “Kami bangga Padamu jendral,sikap kenegarawanan yg patut d contoh.Walau d khianati tp tdk menyimpan dendam.@prabowo


Sedangkan Arief Pribadi Lubis, penyiar Radio Most Medan pemilik akun @arief_badil, mengatakan Pak Jokowi sungguh seorang negarawan yang rendah hati yang menyempatkan waktu sowan ke Pak Prabowo


Reaksi positif itu besar kemungkinan juga dipengaruhi oleh laporan media dan foto-foto pertemuan yang menggambarkan suasana santai, akrab, kekeluargaan, dan penuh canda.

Suasana santai itu bisa dibaca dari laporan akun resmi milik Kantor Staf Presiden @KSPgoid. “Suasana akrab sangat terasa saat Presiden @jokowi bersilaturahim dengan @prabowo di kediamannya, Bojong Koneng, Bogor #BertemuPrabowo

Banyaknya pengguna media sosial yang membagikan foto-foto Jokowi dan Prabowo naik kuda bersama itu menegaskan kepiawaian komunikasi politik tim pendukung Jokowi, baik melalui bahasa tubuh dan foto-foto –semua dengan dukungan media sosial.


Photo: Kantor Staff Presiden

Arif Budisusilo of Bisnis Indonesia: National Interest over Nationalism


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 1.59.38 PMLast year, when the Rupiah was falling alarmingly and Indonesia’s economy looked increasingly shaky, Bisnis Indonesia chief editor Arif Budisusilo was confronted by a young reporter who felt that the nation’s premier business newspaper was being too pro-Government.

“’What’s with our coverage? Are we speaking on behalf of the Government? Have we been given projects by the Government? The young reporter demanded to know,” said Arif, who’s also known as AB, the first two syllables of his full name.

The young reporter was indignant because he felt that Bisnis Indonesia had not been critical enough in its reporting of the government’s handling of the economy.

Then, explained AB, Bisnis Indonesia had adopted the policy that it is to no one’s benefit if all it did was report on the anxiety, fear and pessimism felt by businesspeople. “If we did just that, then all we would do is to make businesses more anxious and worsen the situation.”

“What we decided to do then was to try instead to push the government to do something to stabilize the Rupiah and to introduce economic packages that would benefit Indonesian society.

“If Bisnis Indonesia had focused only on reporting the bad news and we influenced many people then the economy would worsen and investors would not want to come here. Who would suffer then if not ourselves as a society?” he asked.

It is this obligation to protect the country’s national interest that forms the basis of much of AB’s thoughts about the role of journalism that Bisnis Indonesia needs to adopt at this time in Indonesia’s development.

National interest, however, is different from nationalism, says AB.

Nationalism is being politicized by some sectors and all about importance of Indonesians in all matters and in its more extreme forms is about excluding foreigners from entering Indonesia and controlling its human resources.

National interest, however, is about how to secure maximum benefits for Indonesians, in which foreign investors can freely participate. The more the better so long as they help to create more added value for Indonesia, such as opening up factories here, following the regulations and not being engaged in transfer pricing.

This distinction has given him an interesting interpretation of issues, such as the call to ban the sale of alcohol by religious groups.

Excessive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, said AB, would affect the quality of human resources in Indonesia. The key to prevent this from happening, however, is not a wholesale ban but for the government to be clear about the laws that regulate drinking of alcohol.

“In America, Malaysia and Singapore, for instance, the consumption of alcohol is well regulated. They are clear on who can buy and who can drink alcohol but when Indonesia tries to regulate this, it is met with screams from one and all.

“Some use nationalism to confront this issue,” he said. The national interest here, he added, is how to protect the quality of Indonesian human resources. “When it was mandated that the sale of alcohol would be stopped at supermarkets, they protested noisily. Why? Because their sales would drop. To me the people that protested were expressing their personal interest, not the national interest.”

He nonetheless thinks that Indonesians are sometimes too quick to react and protest and this is where the media comes in as an agent of education for the populace.

While there is much to do and new challenges are constantly being thrown at Bisnis Indonesia because of digitalization and social media, AB remains confident of the future because of BIG Media (Bisnis Indonesia Group Media).

“Our business is to sell information about the economy, business and supporting activities,” he said, adding that BIG Media is positioned to deliver these through multi-platforms.

In print the group has Bisnis Indonesia, Solo Pos and Harian Jogja. Online, they have,, and They also have an extensive database at of the financial reports of listed companies that cooperate with the paper.

In print, Bisnis Indonesia also has a strong position because 97% of its customers are subscribers. Of its subscribers, 80% come from corporations, not individuals. “The readership at workplaces ranges between five and 10 people so although we publish 30,000 copies, our readership – according to Nielsen, stands at about 120,000.”

Nonetheless, the paper is not standing still in a quest for a younger readership and this is reflected in its use of lively headlines that are not typical of staid business papers. When Lion Air reported a spate of troubles its headline was “Lion Lagi, Lion Lagi”.

The group also has a radio station in Jogja, and Bisnis TV that delivers its information via streaming over the internet. “This is because research has informed us that the viewership of network TV, cable TV and Pay TV has been in decline” because of the move toward mobile.

Apart form BIG Media, the group also offers BIG Services, which focus on services such as research, consultancy and event organizing.

The Business Indonesia Learning Center, which focuses on training such as media management, communications management, personal finance and wealth management, completes the group’s offering.

Although the group is in a comfortable position AB, however, is only aware of the changing nature of newspapers because of social media.

The biggest challenge to him as the editor-in-chief is to ensure that the news they report is done so in the proper context. “This is because the sources of information are more driven by social media. Anyone can create and manipulate information in social media.”


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A Second Home called Maverick

by Sylviana Tanery

“And when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho.

It may sound a bit mushy but I so believe in this saying by Coelho, especially when what I want for my work experience came true.

Since I decided public relations as my major at London School of Public Relations Jakarta years ago, I have always wanted to become a consultant in a communications firm. And of the entire communications firm I know, I’ve always wanted to work at Maverick because of what I’ve read about how they think and work through their blogposts and having had a conversation with one of the Mavericks.

Knowing this fervent wish, the Universe probably conspired to make it come true. Through a friend of mine at LSPR came word one day that Maverick was looking for a part-timer. I immediately contacted them and one thing led to another and I was accepted to work there from November 2015 – January 2016

The task that I was given – data entry – was ostensibly not the most exciting, but I was hungry for new experience and plunged into it with enthusiasm. I’m glad I did because I soon realized that the seemingly mundane task of data entry was not just for any cut and dried database but for Maverick’s Community Database. Maverick keeps these data so that they can help communities in need of help or sponsorship link up with their clients, and vice versa.


As I entered the data I came to discover which communities did what, whom among them are considered influencers and in what areas and so on. It was eye opening but little did I know that my experience in Maverick was about to get deeper and more exciting. I got to participate in organizing some of their internal and client events.

The first event that I was involved in was for the internal program called Catalyst. Maverick has been running this program for years and it is aimed at using Maverick’s expertise and networks to empower Non-Profits with skills and knowledge about how to communicate better. I performed the support functions such as preparing the certificates for participants and registering the participants at the day fo the workshop. What was important for me was that I got to observe close up how professional consultants functioned in the 1,001 things that one has to do before an event to ensure its success. I also got to observe how they interfaced with the participants to make them feel relaxed and involved.

I was also involved in helping to organize a Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta session with Technopolis as the theme. Maverick has held the license to hold Pecha Kucha events since 2010­. The Pecha Kucha Night event is a networking event which brings together creative minds from various background to share their experiences and insights in unique 20X20 format – 20 slides timed at 20 seconds per slide.

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to join Pecha Kucha events but didn’t have a chance to do so. And now I was not only at a Pecha Kucha event as the member of the audience but of the organizing committee! I was given the task of registering the participants but again it gave me a window into event organizing, the interpersonal skills needed to make guests feel at home and the amount of attention to details that went into making an event a success.

I was also lucky to be involved in one of Maverick’s many internal events – the Year-end and Christmas party. Even though I was an intern I was treated as a full-fledged committee member and had a great time learning and getting things done.

One other aspect of Maverick that I loved is the Sharing Session. They hold those regularly in between training classes so that Maverick resembled a campus where you are constantly learning, but with one major difference – you get to practice what you have learned right away when you go back to work. I learned a lot and it was particularly captivating learning from practitioners instead of just academics.

During my work experience, everyone was always attentive and ready to help, which really made me understand how to work effectively at the job I was doing. Everyone at Maverick inspired me to dream more, and on how to be a good communicator. I have become more familiar and confident with learning new skills, being punctual and came away with a deep understanding of working ethics.

All in all, Maverick has taught me many things. To always have an open mind and be willing to work in any type of work environment. To be willing to adapt in a new work place; and to always be respectful and kind to everyone in office.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.03.07 AMWhat I have learned in the span of less than three months will always be a big part of me growing up. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I am very grateful to all the Mavbros and Mavchicks for giving me the opportunity to work at Maverick and for making me feel welcome. Maverick for me is not merely a communication consultancy, it was more like a home away from home.

And when I complete my studies, I wish I will be able to come home.


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