Highlights in the media today: Many health workers fall victim to COVID-19 due to lack of access to swab tests, regional administrations implement strict measures to contain virus, Indonesia raises record-high Rp18.3t from retail bonds sale. 

The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) on Monday (July 13) reported that at least 61 doctors across Indonesia had died in the fight against COVID-19. About 14 of the fatalities were recorded in the past week.

IDI spokesperson Halik Malik said that many doctors were unable to get access to swab tests or died before being tested. Halik urged the government to provide health workers with access to swab tests at every health facility.

As of July 16, 2020 10:14 (GMT+7), Indonesia had confirmed 81,668 COVID-19 cases, with 40,345 recoveries and 3,873 deaths.

Several regional administrations have begun to strictly enforce health protocols to contain the spread of COVID-19. In Bandung City, West Java, businesses were only allowed to open until 8 p.m., while several busy roads such as Asia Afrika and Braga streets  have been temporarily closed.

Meanwhile, the Surabaya City administration in East Java has decided to impose sanctions on  companies that did not conduct rapid tests on their employees every 14 days. The sanctions vary from verbal warning to permit revocation.

Indonesia has raised Rp18.33 trillion from  the sale of ORI-017 government retail bonds, the Finance Ministry announced on Monday (July 13). The proceeds were the highest ever recorded in an online bond offering by the government.

Finance Ministry’s Sovereign Debt Papers Director Deni Ridwan said that the proceeds will be used to fund the budget deficit, particularly for mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bonds in the ORI-017 series carry a fixed coupon rate of 6.4% and have a tenure of three years to mature on July 15, 2023.


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