People’s Representative Council annul the ratification of Criminal Code at Monday (12/2) because of public pressure. The National Legislative Council will resume debate on the draft law on the Penal Code after the recess period ends on March 4, 2018. The draft law on the Penal Code had been submitted in 2012 and has yet to be passed into law because of the many controversial articles it contained.

This issue even got attention from foreign journalist at JFCC Panel Discussion last week.

The proposal contains many controversial articles such as:

Presidential Contempt Article

The article is already being revoked by The Constitutional Court in 2006 and resubmitted in Criminal Code

Freedom of Press Article

There are some articles curbing the freedom of press, such as contempt of court; journalists are prohibited to write a story that can affect trial progress or judge independency. This article also could threaten PR Consultant who is carrying litigation cases.

Health Reproduction Article

People who socialize contraceptives can be imprisoned. This is obviously reducing the awareness of HIV/AIDS danger.

Adultery Article

This article could be threatening rape victim in prison, as the doer may argument the act is based on victim’s consciousness. People also driven to become “moral police” and tend to do a persecution without respecting other privacy.

Gambling Article

Gambling can be legalized if permitted

Written by Iwan Kurniawan,  Maverick’s consultant as part of the Maverick’s effort to understand the current affairs

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