In the world of content marketing, of course you want to sell your brands to the customers. But it is not just about selling stuff, the main goal here is to attract and engage the right customers. Enter the online influencers.

Working with influencers can be tricky because you’re working with someone that is somewhat out of your control. You can either both work together and nail your projects, or they might potentially become a liability. With that warning in mind, here are some things that need your attention in order to get influencers on the same page with, and help you market your brands.

  1. Stop bugging them with follow ups
    Of course you should watch over their progress, but doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious and spam them for updates every time. Influencers aren’t known to work with only one brand—they’re busy with other work and projects. Sending more than two follow-ups in a week is a big no-no, yes you should try to be consistent but they might see it as being pushy. They have their own lives, and wouldn’t appreciate it if a brand they are working with constantly pesters them.
  2. One-way relationship
    Businesses is a give and take relationship. So remember not to approach them with only the taking part in mind. If you act like a client, it will create a distance between you and the influencer. State your opinions, ideas, or maybe help them with your skill and knowledge. Assist and value them upfront, be their working colleagues, not their client. It would be even better if you could develop a working relationship with them first before rendering their services.
  3. Not providing guidelines
    Influencer use social media as their platform, here you have to set the guidelines on how you want them to promote your brands. Tell them where you want the most exposure to be, you want them to mention your brands everywhere they can. Require them to mention and tag you or your brand in every social media platform, in order to make the most out of the partnership.
  4. Depend solely on the influencers
    Hiring influencers do not mean you have to rely on them completely for promotion. Using their services is only one way to reach the customers. A multifaceted approach is needed for the marketing here. Yes, they are pretty important and can make a pretty big impact, but some influencers can only give you access to a small portion of the market.   
  5. Not setting budget for the influencers
    Influencers that have unique skills and capable in their job won’t accept the job if you’re only offering them the same thing everyone else is. Gaining their trust and getting them to work for you effectively you will probably require a significant budget. But it’ll be worth it as long as you pay attention to the rate and the amount of exposure you’ll be getting in the long run.
  6. Giving them unreasonable requests
    Be careful with your demands, because it might affect the result of the campaign. Demands like constantly mentioning the brand will look unsubtle and might alienate the influencer’s audience, and when their audience goes, there goes your chances, too.Try to find the right balance between promotion and their own content. Work out a deal that both parties are happy with. After all, who knows their audience better than the influencer?
  7. Imposing your brand voice
    Influencers each have their own styles and ways to do their job. It is proven that their job made them who they are. And who they are is the reason why you hired them. But when you hire influencers to promote your brand, you might be worried that things won’t turn out the way you expected.It is understandably tempting that your brand would want to maintain as much control as possible, and push your own voice and your own values, but when it comes to influencers, that’s not necessarily a good idea. Instead, give them few pointers and guidelines, let them developed it into their own voice, but with your message.

Always show your appreciation for their work and maintain the relationship even after the project or campaign, you never know if you might need their services again in the near future.

Work together in analyzing the campaign, find out if anything was missing or if there were disagreements and misunderstandings. By reflecting these two points together you will build a strong foundation for future projects to come.



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