Giasinta Livia is a final year student of International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. She participated in The Recruit, Maverick’s annual internship competition, and bested a field of 104 competitors to win a two-months internship at Maverick.

Livia with Reza Rahadian

This is what she has to say about her experience.

Livia intern at Maverick
Livia with Mavchicks and Mavbro

Internship. Well, that is basically what all final year college students, including me, are looking for. I regard internship as an important milestone to jump-start my future career. As such I’ve always dreamed of being on a challenging internship in a reputable company. I also wanted to intern at a fun, “milennial-friendly” office—an office specially designed for the employees to be comfortable working at the office as if it is their own home.

Armed with these expectations and dreams I began my dream internship at Maverick and this is what I found:

My first pleasant surprise was that I was treated no different than other employees. This is in contrast to the horror stories you hear from those who have interned in other places, where interns are confined to archive and photocopy documents, make coffee for their employers and other mundane tasks. In Maverick, I’m happy to report, interns don’t get treated like that.

Instead, I was involved directly in the creative process in Maverick, including brainstorming ideas, helping to develop primary proposals, press releases, and standby statements. I also got to conduct desktop research about clients and their industries and even got to practice my networking skills by building my relationship with journalists and clients.

And I also got the chance to client servicing, being assigned as a member for two account teams, for OPPO and Carousell.

At the OPPO Team, I helped in various events like product launches and break-fasting (Buka Bersama), as well in day-to-day activities like product reviews and media monitoring. I even got the chance to meet Reza Rahadian, one of OPPO Brand Ambassadors (swoons).

As a team member in Carousell, I helped in hosting a fashion runway and treasure market for the brand. Being in client servicing, I found, was a really fun and enriching experience.

Carousell Event

One of the things I liked most about Maverick as that even as they threw you at work that is challenging, they would not let you fail about helplessly on your own. I would always be mentored by a Maverick consultant. I found all of the consultants there are experts in the industry they served, yet would not hesitate to teach a lowly intern like me how to be a better PR practitioner each and every day.

Then there is the camaraderie at the office. The MavChicks and MavBros, as they called themselves, were such helpful seniors, funny lunch buddies, great discussion partners that I couldn’t help feeling like their doted-on little sister. I admire how they manage to strike a balance between their work and life everyday, juggling between piles of work, then on to yoga or taiji push hands or pursuing their individual passions in photography, dancing or singing.

The Recruit’s internship is unique in that it not only gives you experience in the agency-side of things, you also get to experience working in house on the client-side. After interning at Maverick I got the chance to intern at the Digital Division of Indosat Ooredoo, one of Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company.

Livia at Indosat
Intern at the Digital Division, Indosat Ooredoo.

I interned at the Digital Marketing Communication Team and was assigned to work at how to publicize Ideabox, a tech business incubator/accelerator for early stage start-ups in Indonesia. I got to develop press releases, contacting journalists, writing media reports and also writing out a proposed communications plan for the next batch of Ideabox recruits. Stepping out of my comfort zone to learn about Indosat’s digital ecosystem and interact with young startups have inspired me in many ways, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

All in all, I can say that being The Recruit 2017 Winner has been one of the best opportunities I have ever received so far in life.

I’ve also made a video of my time at Maverick and I’d like to share this with prospective recruits or anyone curious about the fun, crazy, millennial-friendly and professional workplace that is Maverick. [By Giasinta Livia]

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