These are sensitive times. Since newly installed Jakarta Governor made his Protect Pribumis speech at his inauguration the P word has gained new political impetus.

One thing about the internet is that what is old can be made new again, with a new twist. Responding to the widespread criticism against their leader, Anies Baswedan’s supporters trotted out CNN Indonesia’s report on 22 June saying that he was not the only Pribumi champion and the cue was actually set by Jokowi.

Going beyond the headline and reading the news, however, reseals that Jokowi did not say the P word. What he actually said was that the Mines and Energy Ministry and the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry should give local companies preference over their foreign counterparts in the 35MW project.

Protectionist maybe but definitely not a call to elevate Pribumis.

Perhaps realizing their mistake, CNN Indonesia at sometime over the pat day or so changed their headlines to better reflect the story.

Mistake undone. But will it stop the purveyors of fake news to use screen grabs of the first headline to create the impression that Jokowi is also a Pribumi chauvinist?


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