Its great when one of us go on beyond the workplace to do new, wonderful and imaginative things.

So we are thrilled to learn of Forever Mavbro Zulfikar’s latest adventure – to write a book called So I Stopped Being Gay: A Story of Giving Up by a Queer Muslim Indonesian.

He is kickstarting his effort with Publishizher, which Zul explains as: “a NYC-based crowd-powered publishing company” that is helping him to write the book. They need your help to fund the production though.

So if Zul can get enough pre-orders for the book he’ll very likely attract a publisher and land him a book deal.As little as 250 pre-orders will give him access to independent publishers; but 500 pre-orders will get him to the mainstream ones, meaning the book could reach a wider market.

The book is about how Zul grew up gay in Indonesia. The trials and tribulations he had to face until earlier this year when he decided enough was enough and sought asylum in Canada.

We wish him every success. You can place a pre-orer for Zul’s book here.




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