Mavoice is a singing competition

that is held not only to strengthen the relationship between Maverick and journalists, but also to give a place for journalists to develop their hobby.




Journalists participated



MaVoice 2016 Recap

MaVoice 2016 Winner


“I think MaVoice 2016 was a very interesting event for journalists to help boosting our confidence. Where else can we sing in a stage with a full bande other than in MaVoice? I was very happy to join this event because I can show my singing talent. The bonus points? I can get many interesting gifts from the sponsors.”
Irham Jagatreview.com, MaVoice 2016 First Winner
“MaVoice is not only a place to explore our singing ability but also to broaden our horizon by meeting new people, new friends. This event is also very cool and fun, held with various themes so joining it is very exciting. I hope Maverick Indonesia will hold MaVoice every year, so journalists will always have a place to show off their hidden singing talent.”
Oscar SCTV, MaVoice 2015 Second Winner