Alzheimer’s Indonesia


Alzheimer’s Indonesia (ALZI) is a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to improve the quality of life for People With Dementia and Alzheimer, their families and caregivers in Indonesia through our CEO approach (Communication/Community Based program, Education and Outreach) programs focus on awareness raising, advocacy, capacity building and research & development.



Kusumadewi Suharya (DY) is the Regional Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International Asia Pacific Region and Founder of Alzheimer Indonesia, an NGO that works toward greater Dementia Alzheimer awareness and risk reduction in Indonesia. Ms. DY Suharya holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Curtin University Perth, Australia, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ohio State University, USA and a Diploma in English Literature from the University of Indonesia. DY – as she’s widely known, has more than 20 years of experience in public health, public private partnerships and communication.

In the past, DY has worked as a Health Communication Consultant with the World Bank, WHO, and UNICEF; and was part of the Maverick Team as an Editor in Maverick Monitoring & Analytics, previously known as Unit Gauge. In addition to her role in Alzheimer Indonesia, DY has also been working closely with the World Health Organization, Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and have facilitated one of the working groups at the NCD Alliance Regional Meeting – Strengthening the NCD Civil Society Movement in South East Asia Region in New Delhi, India.  DY’s mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2009 and has been her source of inspiration in improving quality of life of people with dementia, caregivers and inter-generations through the establishment of Alzheimer’s Indonesia since 2013. Her mother passed away in April 2017 but her legacy continues. DY can be reached at

Coin A Chance!


CoinChanceis an award-winning social movement that drives people to collect and count their unused coins and lose changes; using the collective amount to keep a child stay in school. The initiative was started as a personal project in 2008 by Nia Sadjarwo and Hanny Kusumawati, who were always concerned about issues regarding access to education. They were surprised when, soon after, the movement gained recognition from Netizens, brands, corporations, and mass media. 

CoinChance! Jakarta has helped more than 40 children pursue their education. 29 of them have graduated from high school and found work, and some have received scholarships or financial support to continue to university. Today CoinChance! is also actively present in Yogyakarta, Medan, Palu, and Parepare.



Nia Sadjarwo is the founder of Coin A Chance!. She is a communication consultant with focus on strategic communication, reputation management, and branding. Today, Nia mainly works with clients from hospitality industry specializing in eco-conscious properties. A cat connoisseur, Nia is also a firm believer in making all good things happen.


Hanny Kusumawati is the co-founder of CoinChance!. She is a published writer, a part-time illustrator, and an independent creative consultant who is passionate about working on kind, playful, and meaningful projects. Today, she works with brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs in conscious hospitality, alternative lifestyle, and experiential learning to deliver such projects–in the form of content, campaign, or workshops–both on and off the Internet.

Let’s Adopt! Indonesia


Let’s Adopt! Indonesia (LAI) is a registered foundation focusing in animal welfare awareness by rescuing and rehoming cats and dogs, educating people through school visits and campaigns in social media channels, organizing regular subsidized spay and neuter event in South Jakarta and Bekasi. LAI has spayed and neutered more than 1,000 cats and 70 dogs since 2018.

Founded in 2011, LAI has become one of the top-in-mind rescue groups in Indonesia. Together with Let’s Adopt Global, LAI puts its best effort in giving the best opportunity for its rescue animals to have the best life they could ever imagine. LAI’s strength comes from its connections to individuals — rescuers, supporters, advocated, and any person willing to step forward and away from the crowd and make a difference, one animal at a time.

More info please visit Let’s Adopt! Indonesia page on



Carolina Fajar is the founder of Lets Adopt! Indonesia. She is an encouraging educator with passions and dreams to inspire others and to help students reach their full potentials. She strives to empower students and colleagues alike to better understand the world around them. She is particularly enthusiastic to lead by example on why we all should be kind to animals and Mother Earth.

At Let’s Adopt! Indonesia, she works hand in hand with a handful of volunteers to rescue sick and abandoned animals and give them a second chance at a happier life by rehoming. Currently, she and her team are focusing their efforts to bring the stray overpopulation issues to the public’s attention by leading and collaborating with several other communities to conduct mass spay and neuter programs, and with local clinics to provide affordable sterilization. 

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Make things happen – by assembling and working with the best talents I can find and by setting up an environment where they can do great work.


Making things happen and seeing people grow into trusted advisors gives me the same buzz as creating things.


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