Alzheimer’s Indonesia (ALZI) is a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to improve the quality of life for People With Dementia and Alzheimer, their families and caregivers in Indonesia through our CEO approach (Communication/Community Based program, Education and Outreach) programs focus on awareness raising, advocacy, capacity building and research & development.



Kusumadewi Suharya (DY) is the Regional Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International Asia Pacific Region and Founder of Alzheimer Indonesia, an NGO that works toward greater Dementia Alzheimer awareness and risk reduction in Indonesia. Ms. DY Suharya holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Curtin University Perth, Australia, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ohio State University, USA and a Diploma in English Literature from the University of Indonesia. DY – as she’s widely known, has more than 20 years of experience in public health, public private partnerships and communication.

In the past, DY has worked as a Health Communication Consultant with the World Bank, WHO, and UNICEF; and was part of the Maverick Team as an Editor in Maverick Monitoring & Analytics, previously known as Unit Gauge. In addition to her role in Alzheimer Indonesia, DY has also been working closely with the World Health Organization, Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and have facilitated one of the working groups at the NCD Alliance Regional Meeting – Strengthening the NCD Civil Society Movement in South East Asia Region in New Delhi, India.  DY’s mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2009 and has been her source of inspiration in improving quality of life of people with dementia, caregivers and inter-generations through the establishment of Alzheimer’s Indonesia since 2013. Her mother passed away in April 2017 but her legacy continues. DY can be reached at