Happy Date with Legendaddy

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Nestlé LACTOGROW 3 ActivGro wanted a fresh approach to differentiate themselves with other ‘Growing Up Milk’ brands in Indonesia

Maverick had to position Nestlé LACTOGROW 3 ActivGro as a brand who understands that a happy and healthy kid is the key to a happy family


Challenging the stereotype that mothers are primarily, often solely, responsible for raising children, Maverick wanted to emphasize that paternal parenting was also indispensable in addressing a child’s emotional needs. Therefore, we created Happy Date with Legendaddy campaign across Indonesia.


The kick-off event in Jakarta attracted 6,000+ participants

The event was so successful that Nestlé LACTOGROW 3 ActivGro decided to replicate the campaign in three other cities: Medan, Surabaya, and Makassar, attracted 15,000+ participants

Total of 98 journalists and 30 bloggers attended the event in four cities

Generated 130+ media coverage, including 8 TV coverage

Generated around 21.9 million social media impressions and 4.9 million reach