Cloud Computing Masterclass

Consumer Brand Building / Corporate Communications / Digital and Social Communications / Media Monitoring / Media Relations


Media chose to focus on stringent government regulations on cloud computing instead of the benefits, efficiency, or security. This could potentially turn into cloud public sentiment and lead to a negative image of cloud computing, which can be detrimental to Microsoft and its goal of encouraging the use of cloud-first, mobile-first technology.


Conducted series of masterclass that were consecutively done with different theme and target stakeholders/media attendees to highlight the different functions of cloud computing:

Entrepreneurs: Growing Business with Cloud Technology

IT media: Heading towards Smart City with Cloud Technology

Business & finance media: E-Commerce and Cyber Security

Politics media: The Future of Digital Government

General media: Heading towards 1,000 Technopreneurs with Cloud Technology


Generated more than 60 articles in prominent online and print media

Started to change the trend of cloud stories by exposing its beneficial use to solve problems impeding the growth of government, cities, and businesses

Existed in the first page of search engine when we typed in the words “cloud computing” + “masterclass theme”. Examples: “cloud computing + e-government”, “cloud computing + cyber security”, etc.