Brand A: Visual Rhythm – Photography Competition and Workshop

Brand A

Visual Rhythm – Photography Competition and Workshop

Digital and Social Communications


Sampoerna A, with their creative competition, Go Ahead Challenge, needed to increase awareness and boost submission for the sub-culture, Photography.


Other than landscape, street and art photography, music and stage photography have started to gain interest from urban communities. So, we approached Rendha Rais, a stage photographer, to held a photography workshop and competition. One of the requirements to win the competition, was the participants have to submit their photos to Go Ahead Challenge first. Top 50 photos will be showcased in and top 10 photographers will get the chance to join the workshop and practice their photography skill with top musicians.


In 1 week, 800+ photos were generated through this activation in Instagram

Regarding the awareness, Visual Rhythm has generated 1,215,879 potential outreach

Visual Rhythm has boost the photography submission by around 200 photos

Heineken: Heineken Champion The Match


Heineken Champion The Match

Consumer Brand Building


Heineken wanted to turn what would have been a regular UCL live screening activity to a memorable experience for football enthusiasts. Most UCL matches happen past midnight during weekdays due to the time difference and that itself poses another challenge to the team.


Heineken and Maverick came up with the Champion The Match activities where we invited communities and celebrities to join a competition where they have to host the most creative and legendary live screening event in order to win a trip to catch the final in Berlin.


Despite the live screening happening past midnight during weekdays, the turn out was great. Celebrities and communities outdid themselves, resulting in significant media coverage with more than 100 articles, on top of huge social media conversation.

Nissan: Nissan Intelligent Mobility Workshop and Grand Livina 7 Liter Challenge


Nissan Intelligent Mobility Workshop and Grand Livina 7 Liter Challenge

Consumer Brand Building


Due to tighter competition in MPV segment, Nissan needed to create new and appealing story angles of its backbone model, Nissan Grand Livina. However, since its first launched 10 yeas ago, media seem to have reviewed almost all aspects of the car’s feature and performance.


Maverick identified that Nissan global has recently announced Intelligent Mobility vision, which aims for zero emissions and zero accidents in the future.

Maverick saw the opportunity to communicate this new vision to Indonesian public by highlighting some of the features in Grand Livina that will bring Nissan one step closer to achieving the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision.

Maverick assisted Nissan to conduct a two day workshop with Nissan experts, where journalists received a theoretical training about Nissan current and future technology, and a practical training whereby they have to drive from Bandung to Jakarta (120 km) with only 7 Liter gasoline with Grand Livina.


The workshops generated 160 total number of coverage with 91% positive tone coverage.




Corporate Communications / Digital and Social Communications / Media Relations


Eurofighter had no visibility in Indonesia when its fighter jet, the Eurofighter Typhoon, was shortlisted as a candidate to replace the nation’s aging fleet. Maverick was challenged to raise Eurofighter’s profile as one of the most viable fighter jets for Indonesia, especially when it came with Eurofighter’s intent to transfer technology to Indonesia.


We came up with the theme “Indonesia Lepas Landas” (Indonesia ready for take off)

On one level, it mirrored the optimism of the government and the people who had been enjoying several years of high economic growth, led by a new president that promised reforms and a larger role in global affairs. On another it appealed to the nostalgia of Indonesians for the 1980s that is still perceived as the Golden Age of Indonesian Aviation.

We used this theme to great effect to first raise Eurofighter’s profile via social media

We conducted a publicity stunt to get Eurofighter a huge amount of buzz on social media. We set up a giant Eurofighter 3D Trick Eye Art of a Typhoon flying over Mount Bromo, one of Indonesia’s iconic landmarks, on Jakarta’s main thoroughfare during the popular Car-Free Day. We also worked with our Community Curators to identify and engage the influential members of the aviation and defense communities.

We helped Eurofighter meet Indonesian media for the first time and create a positive first impression

The buzz generated on social media helped pique the curiosity of the journalists. We gathered over 30 prominent media and TV stations at Eurofighter’s first Press Briefing prior to Indo Defence, the nation’s primary defense expo. This media interest was substantial for a brand that has not had any presence in Indonesia before.

We organized Fighter Jet MasterClass to deepen the knowledge of the media, aviation/defense communities and academics

Conducted by Eurofighter test pilots, participants were informed on what to look for when a country procures fighter jets. We then brought all the learning to life by taking them to a local state-owned hangar where they could see, and even get inside, a full-scale replica of a Eurofighter jet.

We helped Eurofighter engage the decision-makers in a constructive discussion

We piggy-backed on Indonesia’s National Technology Awakening Day organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. We worked with the Ministry to hold a high-level workshop aimed at outlining the vision and strategy for the development of the Indonesian aviation and defense industry.


A hike of over 1,000% in direct mentions on Indonesia’s social media sphere following the publicity stunt, as compared to before the campaign started

Immediately after the start of the campaign, Eurofighter Typhoon started to be quoted in over 40 news impressions on top-tier local media, generated by only the first press briefing, as a contending candidate to replace the aging Indonesian fighter jet squadron.

A Financial Times article noted Eurofighter’s unorthodox approach to use social media, saying that it was a refreshing change from the approach of most defense companies that lurked in the corridors of power with their lobbying machines.

Eurofighter achieved its objective to be considered as a serious player and at par with the other contenders, all of whom had been working on their visibility in Indonesia.

Delamibrands: Lee® BODY OPTIX Denim Launch


Lee® BODY OPTIX Denim Launch

Consumer Brand Building / Digital and Social Communications / Media Monitoring / Media Relations


80% of Lee® jeans are mostly produced for men and men has been its majority customers. Also, with many jeans brands available in the market, many women still find it difficult to own high quality jeans that suit women’s unique body shape. Lee® wanted to increase their women market share by conducting a media launch event and social media activation for their latest product designed for women, the BODY OPTIX Denim.


Press Conference: Maverick assisted Lee® jeans Indonesia to organize a press launch event introducing the new BODY OPTIX Denim on 8 November 2016. We conducted the press conference in a talk show format and followed by a fashion show to highlight how BODY OPTIX Denim can enhance woman’s body shape using visual illusion technology. Beside Lee® representatives, we also engaged a Fashion Editor to become one of the spokespersons to discuss about the current denim trend and denim styling for different body types, which also strengthen the messages to the media.

KOLs Engagement: Maverick engaged 3 Key Opinion Leaders to build excitement and awareness on BODY OPTIX Denim as well as to sustain social media conversations among general public.


The launch event managed to attract 23 guests including 17 journalists and 6 Key Opinion Leaders

The launch event has generated 23 online and printed media impressions

The total of 9 posts by the 3 KOLs have generated more than 17,000 likes and 50 comments on Instagram, with all comments were mostly written in positive and neutral tone

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

The difference is in the trainers. Ours are deeply experienced communicators with a passion for behavioral psychology and sharing their knowledge. Our modules include:

Media Training

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