Regulations on Multimedia Content: A Threat to Freedom of Speech?

Yes, according to the majority of Netizens, who are starting to voice their disagreement via new media channels.

What’s the fuss all about?

Recently, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics released a draft to regulate multimedia content (Peraturan Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika tentang Konten Multimedia), which soon draw people’s concern and strong reaction. It reminded us of the ever controversial UU ITE (Law on Information and Electronic Transaction)–which leads Prita Mulyasari to court on Omni case. As the title suggest, the Minister is trying to regulate which multimedia content that can or cannot be distributed.

Rpm Konten Multimedia

Enda Nasution has put his thoughts on why we should say ‘no’ to the regulation draft on his posting here.

In Twitter, people has been using the hashtag #tolakrpmkonten to show that they are against it. Buzzer-journalist @ndorokakung has been informing his network (of more than 6,000 followers) on Twitter about why this regulation is a threat.

Let’s see what our tweeting Minister of Communication and Informatics @tifsembiring has to say about this. Will he be using his Twitter account to stir discussions on this regulation or just continue tweetuning*?


*@tifsembiring is well-known for his “tweetun” (lyrical tweets; a play on the words Twitter and pantun–that he, and many people from Palembang, are partial to).

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