The world of content marketing, especially in social media, has grown significantly in the past year. It has matured together with its audience, and forces brands to adapt quickly to the always-changing behavior, thanks to the evolving cutting-edge technologies and overall market trends.

social media trend 2018
It is important for brands to stay atop the trends to reach the audience better with appealing, resonating contents, and here are some of the key trends that are noteworthy for brands to embrace in 2018.

1. Instagram Stories are increasingly popular, despite being a newcomer

Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, and it’s just one year old. Brands that are interested to connect with the Instagram users, especially in order to appeal to millennials, must take time to prepare a proper strategy and mastering the art of Instagram Stories content.

Being short-lived, contents on Instagram Stories help users develop a sense of excitement and trust for the brand. It is a great way to tease users for the upcoming campaigns, showcase behind-the- scene contents, doing live-coverage, or promotions that are supposed to be short-lived.

2. Leveraging more user-generated content (UGC)

Consumers trust the opinions of one another, and we are talking about the authentic ones, not just from celebrities or popular influencers. It is time for the brands to move forward from inviting users to engage with them through likes and comments, but also to create content that resonates the brand personality and share their brand love.

3. Chatbots for customer support

With the better improvement of AI, chatbots have evolved and able to provide instant connections with customers – from solving issues to ordering products.

Many brands have explored its power with the varying level of success. As bots become smarter and more human-like, brands can interact quickly with the audience that still feels personal.

4. Rise of Augmented Reality

The evolution of Augmented Reality on mobile devices provides a niche and engaging way for brands to engage with their audience, especially with its catchy interactivity. With the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it’s very likely that more social channels will plan on introducing new ways of integrating AR into their platforms, and it’s important for brands to stay alert to the big social platforms and find ways of tapping into the trend.

5. Influencer marketing is still a good investment

In 2018 and beyond, this trend is more than likely to stay although there will be some major shifts. With the audience becoming more familiar with the concept of influencers, it’s better for brands to manage influencer campaigns and
relationships from start to finish. The strong relationship and collaborations between brands and influencers can create more authentic stories that will benefit both influencers and brands itself, and will still appeal the audience.

6. Engage audience with richer forms of content

Rich content has proven to drive the most engagement, and brands should improve their content creations into any type of content that can facilitate user interactions. From videos, polls, reaction GIFs, to mini-games, it’s time for brands to explore and push the creativity of their contents to encourage more user interactions while simultaneously collecting insights and engagements. [By Hanny Kusumawati]

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