Pepsi’s New Attitude: “We Are More Than Okurrr!”

When I was studying in Australia, I worked as a part time waitress at a restaurant which only served Pepsi. I used to go around taking orders, and when my customers asked for a glass of soda, I always immediately asked them “Is Pepsi, OK?”

And each time I did that, I felt like apologizing for Pepsi, because I knew that it was Coca-Cola that dominated the cola market, and customers might therefore have a preference for Coca-Cola over other brands.

But looking back at it now, apologizing for offering Pepsi was actually unnecessary. By apologetically asking “Is Pepsi, OK?” the Pepsi brand suffers. It suffers because I, like many other waitresses out there,  am helping to create the perception that the Pepsi brand is inferior and undesirable.

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