Coronavirus Xiaomi - Fake News

Coronavirus Fake News and Xiaomi

Last week saw the viral spread on Indonesia social media of the “news” that said Xiaomi smartphones could somehow spread the coronavirus.

Though logic-defying and blatantly fake, this piece of news was picked up by online news portals and made viral by many social media users. As an analyst at Maverick, the epidemiology of this fake news item is fascinating for me, as it contains lessons about its contagious pathways and what could be done in future outbreaks.

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The Internet was supposed to make the world more transparent and more of us more accountable. Somewhere around when The Cluetrain Manifesto was written there was a feeling, now seeming naïve, that the Internet would help us get closer to the truth.

What we have discovered of late, however, that the opposite has happened and we have somehow been transported into a post-truth world where we are constantly being taken in by hoaxes and fake news.

In this sad state of affairs, the conventional media, whether offline or online, was supposed to be something we can rely on to sift the truth from the falsehoods. But even they are finding this task challenging.

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Internet harusnya membuat dunia lebih terbuka dan melahirkan lebih banyak lagi orang-orang yang bertanggung jawab. Sebuah buku berjudul The Cluetrain Manifesto menyebutkan bahwa internet dapat membuat setiap orang jadi lebih dekat dengan kebenaran. Sekarang pernyataan tersebut terdengar naif.

Apa yang kita lihat akhir-akhir ini adalah kebalikannya. Kita telah beralih ke era post-truth, yaitu sebuah masa di mana keyakinan pribadi lebih mempengaruhi opini publik dibandingkan fakta-fakta objektif. Fenomena ini membuat perhatian kita terus-menerus terjerumus ke hoaks dan berita bohong.

Dalam situasi yang menyedihkan ini, media-media konvensional, baik cetak maupun daring, semestinya dapat menjadi saluran yang tepat untuk menyaring informasi-informasi faktual di tengah gempuran berita bohong.

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Did Jokowi say the P word as reported by CNN?

These are sensitive times. Since newly installed Jakarta Governor made his Protect Pribumis speech at his inauguration the P word has gained new political impetus.

One thing about the internet is that what is old can be made new again, with a new twist. Responding to the widespread criticism against their leader, Anies Baswedan’s supporters trotted out CNN Indonesia’s report on 22 June saying that he was not the only Pribumi champion and the cue was actually set by Jokowi.
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