Kisah Inspirasi dari Achmad Zaky dan William Tanuwijaya Angkat Reputasi Perusahaan

CEO Bukalapak, Achmad Zaky, menjadi figur di dunia e-commerce yang paling banyak disebut di media dengan jumlah artikel sebanyak 144, berdasarkan laporan Maverick E-commerce Media Insights periode April-September 2018. Posisi tersebut kemudian disusul oleh Country Brand Manager Shopee Indonesia Rezki Yanuar sebanyak 118 artikel, dan CEO Tokopedia William Tanuwijaya sebanyak 82 artikel. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa figur pendiri perusahaan memiliki peran tersendiri dalam pemberitaan mengenai perusahaan.

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GO-JEK: Going all in or getting away?

GO-JEK is known for shattering conventions and getting away with it. Did it just do this again in the company’s sort of Coming Out Day last week?

It was sort of because on October 11 it joined other companies operating in the more liberal parts of the world to celebrate Diversity, which also falls on LGBTQ Awareness Day. Only instead of going whole hog on it, GO-JEK only mounted an internal campaign among its staff. It put up a gallery in its office displaying the pictures and the stories of its employees who have bravely “embraced freedom, self-acceptance and tolerance”.

The title for this internal campaign was a brave “Going All In” and one of its posters talked about embracing differences, including in sexual orientation. Yet it stopped short of using the acronym “LGTBQ”.

Even so, the campaign seems rather brave and contrarian in Indonesia, which has seen the rise of a noisy, religious Right of late.

But being brave is one thing, being myopic is another.

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