Congratulations to Husen Haikal Alhadar and Putrika Santiaji as The Recruit 2018!

Thank you to all who have participated in The Recruit 2018!

Haikal and Putrika, see you at our office soon!



The Recruit is your opportunity to intern at Maverick

Made for final-year and fresh graduate students.

There are three simple phases of The Recruit with learning opportunities in every phase.


Open House

A session specially created for you to experience Maverick for a day! Various tips and tricks from guest speakers to improve student’s professional worth are also included!


Maverick will provide you with learning opportunity
in each phase to help you improve
your professional skills!

Selection Phase

1. Linkedin profile submission
2. It’s a secret (hint: we want to talk with you)
3. It’s still behind the doors
(hint: we want to know you)


Top 3 Entries 2013

Say hello to the winner!

And a big round of applause to the other two finalists, Krisnawati Sukmaya (Brand Managamenet, Paramadina University) and Titien Pradani Simangunsong (Public Relations, Universitas Indonesia), for participating and committing till the end. We sincerely appreciate the hard work. All the best in your future endeavor! Read More

Top 5 Entries 2012

The winner of last year’s The Recruit is Dendy Nugraha – a fresh graduate from Parahyangan University, Bandung. Majoring in International Relations, Dendy demonstrated impressive thinking quality on each challenge presented during the selection process. Dendy completed his internship term on February 5, 2013. During his interneship, he was assigned to several major accounts such as Airbus and ACER.

Here are the top 5 proposals that made it through to the final round!

Read More

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