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A recent study by the Indonesian Press Council (Dewan Pers) and Universitas Multimedia Nusantara offers valuable insights for businesses navigating the rapidly changing media landscape. The research, titled “Indonesian Media Industry Landscape and the Impact of Digitalization 2023,” highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by digital disruption, with a critical note: the Press Council itself has declared the industry to be in a “survival period.”

Understanding the Evolving Ecosystem

For businesses seeking media engagement, understanding the current state of play is crucial. While the study reveals a vast media network, with estimates ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 outlets, only a small fraction (around 1,800) hold verification by the Press Council. This verification serves as a vital indicator of adherence to journalistic principles and content quality.

Prioritizing Credibility: The Press Council’s Focus

The Press Council emphasizes the importance of a healthy media environment, actively promoting content aligned with journalistic standards. One key strategy encourages government entities to engage solely with verified media outlets. This initiative clearly incentivizes quality journalism and ensures the public receives reliable information.

Navigating the Media Maze: Verification and Reputable Associations

So, how can businesses navigate this evolving landscape and engage with credible media outlets? Here’s your roadmap:

The Takeaway for Businesses

The Indonesian media landscape is in a period of significant transformation. By understanding the Press Council’s focus on credibility and utilizing the verification system, businesses can ensure they are engaging with the most reliable media partners. This not only protects their brand reputation but also guarantees their message reaches the intended audience through trustworthy channels.

Written by

Christiani Ajeng & Ratmia Dewi – Media Outreach Team