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Razia Dompet Kempes by the TNI, a Friendly Raid for the Flat Walleted

Most people do not associate a sense of humour and creativity with the Indonesian Military. The stereotype image is that they are all jocks and a bit dim. But the Military has a strategic surprise for these doubters. As part of its 70th Anniversary celebrations it set up a road block with the words Operasi Dompet […]

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How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention

There was a time when we fretted about staff retention. Like many others we adhered to the conventio[...]

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Regret Reason Remedy

What’s interesting about communications framework is how they can be applied in daily situations, [...]

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Contributing to the ‘gift economy’

There has been much discussion about the “gift economy” lately, although the term itself isn’t[...]

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Friendships with the media: where to draw the line

For professionals in the communications industry, an excellent network that includes journalists and[...]

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