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Where did Jokowi’s Lead Go?

Incumbent Jokowi was looking good, even unassailable, in the runup for the Presidential elections.

He had a slick social media campaign, he was popular with a common touch, he could claim credit for massive infrastructure successes from Jakarta’s MRT to toll roads linking cities in Java and in Eastern Indonesia. His supporters had much to crow about.

And crow they did. It is impossible to wade into social media without coming across the snarky, witty comments and memes generated by the Jokowi supporters. Generally one gets a feeling that they look down on the other camp, dismissing them as clumsy, crass, corrupt and beyond the pale.

In the eyes of those sympathetic to Jokowi – and let’s be honest, most of us who pride ourselves as being progressive, modern and liberal fall into this category – Prabowo’s campaign seemed like an exercise in futility. Prabowo was not displaying much enthusiasm as a presidential candidate, his campaign lacked funds because his brother Hashim had said he wasn’t funding him anymore, he had an unholy alliance with the extremists behind the 212 movements, the same guys clamoring for  Indonesia to become a Caliphate.

And to add strength to that perception Prabowo consistently fumbled. His premature defense of Ratna Sarumpaet as a victim of violence before it emerged that the injuries on her face were self-inflicted once from a plastic surgery procedure; his ignorance of Unicorns; his outrages statements about foreigners.

Yet, with less than a week to go before to the elections here we are, with the more reliable polls suggesting that he and Jokowi are running neck to neck with an even larger portion of the electorate choosing not to vote or spoiling their votes.

If this is true, then the question that needs to be asked is what went wrong for the Jokowi camp? How did they squander the advantage and lead that they had at the start of the campaign?

From a communications perspective, it would seem that Jokowi and his supporters had been preaching to the wrong choir.

The Millennials form the largest voting bloc in this round of elections so any politician worth his salt would definitely count them. Jokowi is no exception. The Millennials that Jokowi has been courting, however, are those who belong to the smart set. They are the ones who very much believe in entrepreneurship, the creative economy, having a shot at being unicorns, look on SXSW as the Davos of the entrepreneur. They believe in the goodness of globalization.

They are the ones who would be impressed by Jokowi’s motorcycling stunt for the opening of the Asian Games, his propensity to take selfies, his vlogging. His love for heavy metal and his chops riding customized motorcycles.

Prabowo, however, has been playing the role of High Priest to the Discontents. These are the young Indonesians unable or unwilling to get onto the Hipster treadmill. Success at being funded by venture capitalists do not really appeal to them so they seek alternative means to validate themselves.

Many of them who are Muslim turn to Hijrah, the process of becoming closer to God and Mecca instead of Ted Talks and Davos.

Other young Indonesians with low religious inclination are similarly vulnerable to feeling alienated in Jokowi’s Indonesia that has fallen way short of their expectations. LGBT Indonesians talk extensively of going Golput because of the increasing intolerance that has festered since Jokowi took office. Appointing Maruf Amin only makes it worse.

Those who feel strongly about principles and rule of law are similarly disappointed as the rights of minorities and others are trampled on. A sizeable number of supporters of the Tolak Reklamasi movement in Bali, for instance, are saying they too would go Golput.

The big question now is what would happen to Indonesia after the elections, regardless of who wins. Would the victor end up with an Indonesia where business returns to usual after the excitement of a presidential election; or will he face a permanently polarised society with a rising level of discontent.

If the latter happens, then as Jokowi so sassily observed at an IMF gathering in Indonesia not so long ago: Winter is coming.

Written by Ong Hock Chuan, Maverick Managing Partner

Pradipta Nugrahanto: Kita Tidak Berbicara Angka, Tetapi Lebih ke Trust dan Value

Indonesia saat ini sedang menikmati perkembangan industri digital yang pesat, tercermin dari berkembangnya industri startup. Di awal tahun ini, Indonesia berada di peringkat ke-5 untuk negara dengan jumlah startup terbanyak dengan 2.071 startup.

Kehadiran media yang fokus pada industri startup memiliki peran besar di tengah pesatnya perkembangan industri digital di Indonesia. Media-media ini diharapkan bisa memberikan informasi yang akan dapat membantu para pelaku industri startup dalam mengembangkan bisnis mereka.

Salah satunya adalah Tech in Asia, sebuah media komunitas online pelaku startup di Indonesia. Pada 15 Maret lalu, Maverick berkesempatan untuk berbincang-bincang dengan Pradipta Nugrahanto, Editor in Chief Tech in Asia Indonesia. Bagiamana pria yang akrab dipanggil Mas Dipta ini memimpin Tech in Asia? Berikut hasil wawancara kami dengan beliau:

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OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja

Two Women Mark A Glowing Path in Indonesian Banking

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are handing the microphone to two women executives that mark a glowing path as the spokesperson for their respective banks throughout 2018: BRI Director Handayani and OCBC NISP President Director Parwati Surjaudaja.

These two inspiring women made it into the Top 5 Most Featured Banking Executives, according to Maverick Banking Media Performance Report 2018; a report that measures the effectiveness of communication strategy of the top 20 banks in Indonesia by monitoring news in 20 top media as well as social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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“Working with Maverick has been a wonderful experience, as they had a competent, enthusiastic, and passionate team.

We also appreciate Maverick’s initiatives in giving us new ideas that are beneficial for the company. Other than that, Maverick’s hard work in 2018 has also helped us achieve good PR Value in each of our campaign, especially “Senyum Kebaikan” and “Wardah Inspiring Movement.”

Suci Hendrina
Suci Hendrina Public Relations Manager, Wardah Cosmetics

“We had been searching for the right agency partner for a while, so it was a breath of fresh air when we found Maverick.

 The team is well-resourced and positioned to deliver success to your brand or organization – Each team member brings a unique strength to be table and collectively, they are committed to achieving the objectives given. We appreciate their incisive consult and creative energy, always pro-actively channeled with a communicative spirit and “can-do” attitude. They are a valuable partner that we have great confidence in.”

Wei-Lin Hum
Wei-Lin Hum Senior PR Officer SEA, Tourism New Zealand

“Search for Common Ground Indonesia and Maverick have been working together this year to develop an exciting campaign, and as partners in this process, we have learned much from each other.

From day one, the Maverick team has shown a passion for communication that sets them apart from other agencies and firms. They go above and beyond in ensuring that we can achieve our goals and it has been a great joy to work with them.

Bahrul Wijaksana
Bahrul Wijaksana Country Director, Search for Common Ground Indonesia

“We have been working together for more than two years.

 Maverick is a professional PR partner proven in resolving crisis management and maintaining OPPO’s good reputation in Indonesia. We hope the cooperation will continue so in the future we will have better outcomes and result in the increase of people’s awareness of OPPO brand in the Indonesian market.”

Aryo Meidianto
Aryo Meidianto Public Relations Manager, OPPO Indonesia

“We worked together with Maverick through a difficult situation,

 but Maverick’s professionalism, availability, and composure managed to help us contain the damage, going beyond communications strategy. Also, the quality of their work remained consistent, helping us not just to manage the situation, but also to create an awareness for our newest product as an effort to move on from the situation.”

Erditya Nur Arfah
Erditya Nur Arfah Corporate Marketing Senior Manager, Bluebird Group

“We have been working with Maverick Monitoring and Analytics team for one year.

Over that period, Maverick has consistently proven their professionalism by quickly responding to our requests. I hope we may continue this cooperation for years to come.”

Miftachur Rochman
Miftachur Rochman PR Executive,

“We engaged Maverick to drive a series of media engagement initiatives from July to Dec 2018 for the positioning of our cancer centre and cancer awareness objectives in Indonesia.

Maverick’s team was conscientious and professional in managing each of our initiatives with great attentiveness and dedication to details. The team was also able to offer multiple perspectives in delivering our key messages more effectively to meet our objectives. We are also impressed by the depth of research they conducted prior to each media initiative which provided valuable insights to strengthen our engagement with the Indonesian media.

We are happy to have worked with Maverick as our PR agency for our projects and would explore more opportunities in the future.”

Danny Ong
Danny Ong Senior Manager, Singapore Operations Division Parkway Cancer Centre

“Maverick has been working with Airbus Group over the last 10 years.

 I’ve always been impressed by their high quality work and their ability to provide flawless execution under challenging conditions. The work undertaken by Maverick has certainly played a key role in enhancing the awareness of Airbus Groups and its products in the Indonesian market.”

Jose Jacinto Monge Bravo
Jose Jacinto Monge Bravo President Director, PT Airbus Group Indonesia