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We won another award! But decided to ignore it

Today Maverick received a faxed (who uses faxes anymore, right?) message announcing that we have been chosen to receive “The Best Communications Services of the Year” category in the Indonesian Improvement Award. This was entertaining since we never submitted any application to this until-today-never-heard-of award. Not only that, reading through the cover letter we didn’t […]

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The block and tackle surrounding Netflix

Netflix’s entry into Indonesia caused a bit of excitement because it offered the consumer more[...]

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We’ve hired LGBTs, and guess what? They didn’t erode our standards and morals!

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Muhammad Nasir has made himself and the I[...]

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Still Confused About Measuring the Results of Your Social Media Efforts

“How do we measure the results of our social media efforts?” Yes, we get this question many time[...]

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Catalyst 2015 Vol.4 : A Day to Remember

What happens when you put 51 staffers from 34 NGOs and communities into a room and get them to work [...]

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