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Arif Budisusilo of Bisnis Indonesia: National Interest over Nationalism

  Last year, when the Rupiah was falling alarmingly and Indonesia’s economy looked increasingly shaky, Bisnis Indonesia chief editor Arif Budisusilo was confronted by a young reporter who felt that the nation’s premier business newspaper was being too pro-Government. “’What’s with our coverage? Are we speaking on behalf of the Government? Have we been given […]

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Data journalism: Telling a story through numbers

A few of us from Maverick learnt more about data journalism in the form of a five-week course provid[...]

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Turning 14

Maverick is 14 years old today. There is much to be thankful for but primarily for being in this cou[...]

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Korean Bikini Girls and other memories

Andrew Seow decides to notch up some work experience and spent some time at Maverick soon after grad[...]

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What Non-Millennials Recruiters are looking for in Millennials

Maverick’s most awaited internship program, The Recruit, is back in its fifth year and still looki[...]

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