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How to Make Your Customers Visit Your Site

welcome customers website
Photo: Pexels

Light traffic has always been the bane of website owners, you’ve worked so hard on your website and even spent money on it, but you seem to be barely getting any traffic to your website, let alone customers. So you question whether or not people actually care about what you have to say, or if your content has any value at all.

No need to worry, we’re here to help. How? Read More

The 3 Mistakes Brands Make In Brand Storytelling

Every brand wants to engage their audience and spread their message as far and wide as possible. But how they make their brand story resonate with the audience is the biggest challenge that brands need to do accomplish. The human attention span is pretty limited and with today’s excess of information, traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

brand storytelling
Photo: Pexels

That’s why the marketing industry is now more focused on the storytelling aspect, and brands are just now starting to jump in. Except when they do jump, the results aren’t always the same for every company.

Here are few mistakes that brands and companies make when they want to tell a story.  Read More

Working with Millennials: What Drives Them to Perform Well in An Office Setting?

Generalizing a large group of people based on their generation won’t solve any problems, these ‘Millennials’ or the Y generation grew up in a time of financial crises and are pioneers and the first to be highly exposed to technological change, their lives are linked into global network deeper than the previous generations.

millennials, working, office
Photo: Pexels

Millennials have a bad reputation, and it’s not entirely their fault. The world is always is changing and so are its people. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the ongoing shifts on how to think and how to act. Some people might prefer to keep things the way they are and others would rather embrace the oncoming changes. Like it or not, the Millennials are here to stay, and they’re ready to join your workforce or they might already be in it. So how can we make the best of this situation? It’s best to understand what drives them and help them grow with these suggestions: Read More

“The Maverick team imbues the perfect PR combination of passionate pitching and commercial thinking.

The team has an innate ability to understand their client’s philosophy and work hard to develop campaigns that resonate locally while protecting the client’s ethos. The Maverick team was a key player in the successful launch of Dyson in Indonesia; meticulously organizing press visits, launch event and product review program. With it garnering first rate coverage.”

Sarah Arts
Sarah Arts PR Manager, Dyson Southeast Asia

“I’m glad to be supported by a group of professional and reliable people such as the Maverick team.

 They know how to handle crisis composedly, are able to deliver what is promised and agreed, and always willing to go extra miles to achieve our objectives. We can always depend on the Maverick team to come up and share insights about communications & media strategies. By the end of the day, all those qualities are what make us see the Maverick team as more of a partner than client-agency relationship.”

Viona Ong
Viona Ong Brand Manager, Heineken Indonesia

“We worked together with Maverick through a difficult situation,

 but Maverick’s professionalism, availability, and composure managed to help us contain the damage, going beyond communications strategy. Also, the quality of their work remained consistent, helping us not just to manage the situation, but also to create an awareness for our newest product as an effort to move on from the situation.”

Erditya Nur Arfah
Erditya Nur Arfah Corporate Marketing Senior Manager, Bluebird Group

“Working with the Maverick team has been a wonderful pleasure.

We have always been looking for a partner that not only knew what we needed, but could also augment our strategy and take our brand to the next level in Indonesia. We are happy to have a highly committed and forward-thinking team that is equally passionate for our brand and business. Not only do they understand every assignment, they are always prepared with great ideas, sound counsel and strategic advice.”

Ada Sarah Yen
Ada Sarah Yen Senior Marketing Executive, Sennheiser Asia

“Maverick has shown great integrity during years of partnership, is able to deliver results and exceeds expectations at times.

As a partner Maverick also went further than just receiving and executing requests. They were able to balance our views on occasions, even though it was different from our initial decision. The team was always responsive and able to talk through different channels, from conventional media, digital media, and even social media influencers and communities.”

Arra Primanta
Arra Primanta FormerMarketing Public Relations Manager, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

“We have been working together for more than two years.

 Maverick is a professional PR partner proven in resolving crisis management and maintaining OPPO’s good reputation in Indonesia. We hope the cooperation will continue so in the future we will have better outcomes and result in the increase of people’s awareness of OPPO brand in the Indonesian market.”

Aryo Meidianto
Aryo Meidianto Media Engagement, OPPO Indonesia

“Maverick has been working with Airbus Group over the last 10 years.

 I’ve always been impressed by their high quality work and their ability to provide flawless execution under challenging conditions. The work undertaken by Maverick has certainly played a key role in enhancing the awareness of Airbus Groups and its products in the Indonesian market.”

Jose Jacinto Monge Bravo
Jose Jacinto Monge Bravo President Director, PT Airbus Group Indonesia