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How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention

There was a time when we fretted about staff retention. Like many others we adhered to the conventional wisdom that if you did everything right as an employer, then you’d have people working for you for a long time. Having people quit on you before they’ve served five years or more was an indication of […]

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Regret Reason Remedy

What’s interesting about communications framework is how they can be applied in daily situations, [...]

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Contributing to the ‘gift economy’

There has been much discussion about the “gift economy” lately, although the term itself isn’t[...]

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Friendships with the media: where to draw the line

For professionals in the communications industry, an excellent network that includes journalists and[...]

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On Owned Media and The Two Basic Things To Make It Work

Lately, you might have heard the discussion about Paid Media, Earned Media, and Owned Media. LetR[...]

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