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What corporations can learn from the Sari Roti incident

Out of the blue, the bread manufacterer Sari Roti came under attack by unverified news postings on social media in the past week. The attacks came in the form of postings claiming that Sari Roti was supporting the 212 demonstrations by giving out free bread to the demonstrators. Photos were posted of Sari Roti tricycles with a […]

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A Trip to the Star

“There are two possibilities: whether we’re alone in the universe or we are not. Either way, it[...]

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Bakat Terpendam Jurnalis Terungkap di MaVoice 2016

Apa yang terjadi jika seorang jurnalis yang bekerja memberikan informasi kepada masyarakat menyanyi [...]

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Ketika jaket Jokowi menyihir publik

(Untuk versi Bahasa Inggris, klik di sini) Demonstrasi besar-besaran terjadi pada Jumat (4/11/2016) [...]

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The explosive power of Jokowi’s jacket

(For Indonesian version, click here)  Jakarta ground to a halt when tens of thousands staged a prot[...]

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