#PRbyTheNumbers: How Baso A Fung turned a potential crisis into an opportunity

The Chinese word for crisis, 危機 (wēijī), consists of two characters that respectively mean danger and opportunity. This etymology was popularized by John F. Kennedy to illustrate that there’s an opportunity in a crisis. There are perhaps only few...

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Focus on What You Can Control

Reading a book about Stoicism at the end of 2021, I found something that I think is the simplest, most relevant piece of philosophy. More than just a mere thought, it is something that you have to practice. And...

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Sayap-sayap Patah “Holywings”

Di era internet dengan informasi panas yang mudah viral, sebagian besar “krisis” yang mempengaruhi bisnis terjadi di lingkup media sosial. Perusahaan/brand melakukan sebuah kesalahan, lalu netizen berkomentar dan saling berteriak dalam badai twitwar. Isu akan berangsur turun saat publik...

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Four steps to start preparing integrated measurement to transform your organization

Many organizations are now trying to get used with the new restrictions imposed by COVID-19 or even try to transform themselves for the new normal. As part of the transformation process, the measurement matrix becomes one of the most...

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AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020: Measurement frameworks, myths and new horizons

At Maverick, we keep a close eye on emerging trends and changes in the communications industry. One of the trends we observed is the increasing demand from organizations for proper measurement and evaluation, as well as data-based insights of...

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The global communications measurement matrix is here, are you ready to adopt it?

Any discussion about communications measurement has necessarily been heated affairs because AVEs and PR Value have been adopted as the default global measurement standard for years. This was a curious phenomenon because it’s a metric that doesn’t even make...

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The Invaluable MavBuhay Trip, #MavOuting2019!

Tell me, what’s the best thing that could happen to an Intern? I know there might be endless scenarios out there, but for me, the answer is to actually join a company outing trip to Manila, the Philippines! As...

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