Our Approach

Understand your business goals

Figure out how communication can help you achieve these goals and articulate them as Communication Objectives

Work with you to define who should be your audience and what their information ecosystems look like

Formulate a strategy, often involving a creative connection idea, to meet our agreed objectives

Implement with our team of consultants and specialists across Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned channels

Ensure that the results of our communication activities are meeting our agreed objectives and impacting your business favorably by rigorously employing the AMEC measurement framework

Our Services


Securing information and insights on who would find what you communicate useful, helpful and relevant.

  • Social Listening

    Monitoring and analyzing the conversations and trends around a brand and its industry for insights that lead to better marketing and communications. Includes social media monitoring.

  • Market Research

    Qualitative or Quantitative surveys and deep-dive analysis for insights into existing or potential users.

  • Media Intelligence

    Information and insights into Indonesia’s fast-changing and evolving media landscape as a result of digital disruption and changing social norms. Includes media audits to determine how journalists perceive a brand or organization; and media monitoring.

  • Materiality Assessment

    Identification, refinement and assessment of potential environmental, social and governance issues that could affect your business and your stakeholders, and condensing them into a list of topics that inform company strategy, targets and reporting.

Strategic Planning

Laying the foundations for effective communications.

  • OASIS Frameworking

    One-day high-level workshop to define and articulate how communications can support your business objectives, your target audience, what strategy to adopt, elements of implementation and approach to scoring – how to measure your communications efforts so they link to your desired outcomes. The strategy applies to Social Media, Content, and Community Marketing.

  • Message Development

    One-day workshop to define and craft your key messages.

  • Detailed Planning

    Communications plans that detail implementation tactics, activities and timelines against the agreed OASIS framework and across the PESO channels.

  • Creative Ideation

    Generation of Big Ideas that drive and animate campaigns and make them sticky to the intended audience.

Support Services

What you need for getting the job done.

  • Media Relations

    Engagement with the established media.

  • Influencer Relations

    Including curation and management of KOLs and Communities.

  • Digital

    Including drawing up social media activation and management, website development, SEO, SEM, staging virtual media or product events.

  • Content Creation

    Video and audio storytelling, infographics, presentation decks, poster and collateral designs.

  • Studio Facilities

    For video, audio and photography.

Specialist Services

Apart from all our offerings, we also do two things very well and with acknowledged great expertise. We provide these services only on a by-request basis.

  • Crisis Management

    Includes litigation PR, product recalls, labor disputes and crisis management training.

  • Corporate Training

    A hybrid of online models and virtual coaching because of social restriction during the pandemic.

Measurement and Evaluation

Actionable reporting and information that quantifies the results of your communications activities and links them to your business outcomes.

  • Measurement and evaluation audit and implementation

    We use the AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3) to determine how far your organization is in measuring what matters when it comes to your communications. We then establish the rhetorics that are important to you – the outputs, out-takes and outcomes as well as impact of your communications activities to your business.

  • Base- and End-lining

    Measuring the effectiveness of a communications plan is possible only if you establish a baseline of awareness levels, attitudes or behaviors that you are starting from; and then measuring how much the needle has moved at the end of the program.

Our Clients

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