United broke my guitar: A case of missed opportunity in incident handling

In 2009 United Airlines lost 180 million USD in stock value and an untold amount of reputational damage — all because of a disgruntled passenger.  Musician Dave Carroll took a United Airlines flight and checked in his $3,500 Taylor...

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Living in the Era of Permacrisis

Came across a useful word and concept today that fits the times we are in, and has profound implications for companies and PR agencies handling crises: Permacrisis. The term was made word of the year by Collins Dictionary in...

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The WRP saga: How a brand dug itself into a deeper hole

If you’ve lived through the 90s, chances are that WRP’s catchy jingle “sure you can do, a healthy diet” still echoes in your memory, a testament to its strong foothold in the Indonesian market since its inception. The recent...

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#PRbyTheNumbers: How Baso A Fung turned a potential crisis into an opportunity

The Chinese word for crisis, 危機 (wēijī), consists of two characters that respectively mean danger and opportunity. This etymology was popularized by John F. Kennedy to illustrate that there’s an opportunity in a crisis. There are perhaps only few...

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