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4 Reasons When A Good Communications Strategy Won’t Save You

It sounds counter intuitive that communication consultancy like us who are paid to come up with communications strategies should should write about when it won’t save you. But there are times when all that glisters is not gold. Here are some of those times: When you have communications problems as a result of other deep-seated […]

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Why Letting Us Know About Your Budget Is Good For You

Really. Because we’re not just poking around about your allocated budget for fun. Actually, we are[...]

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[In The Spotlight] Kontan Editor-in-Chief Ardian Taufik Gesuri

After the New Order regime shut down Tempo magazine in 1994, a number of Tempo economic reporters [...]

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Fresh Grad’s vs. Employees Expectation: The Root of All Heartache

In life perhaps the most disappointing experiences can come only love. It is the pain of unfulfilled[...]

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[In the Spotlight] Liputan6.com Editor-in-Chief Mohamad Teguh

Mohamad Teguh joined Liputan6.com as Editor-in Chief in November 2013 after he left his position as [...]

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