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[In the Spotlight] Alliance for Independent Journalists (AJI) Chairman Eko Maryadi

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) celebrated their 20th anniversary on 22 August 2014 at Usmar Ismail Film Center (PPHUI) in Kuningan, Jakarta. Even though Indonesia’s made advances in the Freedom of the Press, AJI still sees it as an area where eternal vigilance is needed. AJI Chairman Eko Maryadi, in his speech during the […]

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Headhunter Coming to Town

What do you do if you’re running a Public Relations Consultancy in talent-starved Indonesia —[...]

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Translating Values Into Action

Open. Creative. Innovative. Balance. Responsible. Respect. Happiness… you name it. Some compan[...]

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How Brands Can Find Various Story Angles Simply by Changing Characters

In the era of storytelling—where brands are constantly looking for stories to tell on their blog, [...]

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How to Build A Sustainable “Community” Around Your Brand

It was “digital” a few years ago—today, it’s “community”. Terms like community-building,[...]

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