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How Brands Can Find Various Story Angles Simply by Changing Characters

In the era of storytelling—where brands are constantly looking for stories to tell on their blog, website, advertisement, or official social media channels, there were times when you simply ran out of ideas. It seems like you have covered everything—what else is there to say? The thing is, like we have always championed, “It’s not […]

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How to Build A Sustainable “Community” Around Your Brand

It was “digital” a few years ago—today, it’s “community”. Terms like community-building,[...]

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Knowing the Leader in You

There are the natural-born leaders. Naturally charismatic, authoritative, confident, witty and socia[...]

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Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident?

Could it be that our suspicions that the Malaysian Health Ministry had been wrong when they said tha[...]

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Cadbury and the Call for Jihad

PR Week has an interesting take on the ongoing Cadbury porcine DNA Issue that is being played out in[...]

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