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Forget Generations X,Y and Z; we have Generation E to contend with

The inspiration for this article is a post I wrote in Facebook after a university student wrote in to apply for internship via email. The email looks like this: As someone who would decide whether to employ her I felt offended. Who is this person who would assume instead of ask for my attention? Why does […]

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The Story of Creation: Using Behind-the-scenes To Tell Your Brand’s Story

We previously wrote here about how brands can find various story angles by simply ‘changing charac[...]

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48 Hours of Relationship Development Trip

I have been moving around, living in several different cities in Indonesia since I was only 8-years [...]

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Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes

You know the story by now. Sony was supposed to release the movie The Interview, a satire of North K[...]

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[In The Spotlight] Vice Editor In Chief CNN Indonesia Nezar Patria

What’s your vision with CNN Indonesia?   We see the need and opportunity for a media that ad[...]

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