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Headhunter Coming to Town

What do you do if you’re running a Public Relations Consultancy in talent-starved Indonesia — and you learn that the chief regional headhunter of a multinational PR network coming to town next week – and suggesting your talents to meet up with her through LinkedIn?

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Translating Values Into Action

Open. Creative. Innovative. Balance. Responsible. Respect. Happiness… you name it. Some compan[...]

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How Brands Can Find Various Story Angles Simply by Changing Characters

In the era of storytelling—where brands are constantly looking for stories to tell on their blog, [...]

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How to Build A Sustainable “Community” Around Your Brand

It was “digital” a few years ago—today, it’s “community”. Terms like community-building,[...]

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Knowing the Leader in You

There are the natural-born leaders. Naturally charismatic, authoritative, confident, witty and socia[...]

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