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[In The Spotlight] Kontan Editor-in-Chief Ardian Taufik Gesuri

After the New Order regime shut down Tempo magazine in 1994, a number of Tempo economic reporters approached Kompas Gramedia Group’s Jakob Oetama to start a new economic and business publication dubbed Kontan. Despite disagreement from KG management, Jakob was very adamant to make this plan a reality and even willing to invest his own money. First published as a weekly tabloid in 1996, Kontan delivers economic and business […]

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Fresh Grad’s vs. Employees Expectation: The Root of All Heartache

In life perhaps the most disappointing experiences can come only love. It is the pain of unfulfilled[...]

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[In the Spotlight] Liputan6.com Editor-in-Chief Mohamad Teguh

Mohamad Teguh joined Liputan6.com as Editor-in Chief in November 2013 after he left his position as [...]

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A Whole New World in The Middle East

At Maverick, the employees are entitled to take Personal Development Fund (PDF) that can be spent to[...]

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How Can we Persuade Our Boss To Buy Our Ideas?

This is one of the questions we often receive as a consultant. Having a great idea is one thing. Per[...]

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