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[In the Spotlight] Liputan6.com Editor-in-Chief Mohamad Teguh

Mohamad Teguh joined Liputan6.com as Editor-in Chief in November 2013 after he left his position as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Viva.co.id. In less then one year as the number one man in Liputan6.com, the online news portal is now in the top three list of most visited news portals in Indonesia, based on Alexa ranking. His […]

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A Whole New World in The Middle East

At Maverick, the employees are entitled to take Personal Development Fund (PDF) that can be spent to[...]

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How Can we Persuade Our Boss To Buy Our Ideas?

This is one of the questions we often receive as a consultant. Having a great idea is one thing. Per[...]

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Walk The Talk and Be a Better Consultant

One of the things I realize after joining Maverick is that many companies talk the talk, but not so [...]

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Cutting the Crap and Getting Down to It

A summary on communicating effectively from the book, Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Get[...]

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