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The Story of Creation: Using Behind-the-scenes To Tell Your Brand’s Story

We previously wrote here about how brands can find various story angles by simply ‘changing characters’. On that post, we discussed about the era of storytelling—where brands are constantly looking for stories to tell on their blogs, websites, advertisements, or official social media channels. But there were times when they simply ran out of ideas. […]

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48 Hours of Relationship Development Trip

I have been moving around, living in several different cities in Indonesia since I was only 8-years [...]

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Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes

You know the story by now. Sony was supposed to release the movie The Interview, a satire of North K[...]

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[In The Spotlight] Vice Editor In Chief CNN Indonesia Nezar Patria

What’s your vision with CNN Indonesia?   We see the need and opportunity for a media that ad[...]

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4 Reasons When A Good Communications Strategy Won’t Save You

It sounds counter intuitive that communication consultancy like us who are paid to come up with comm[...]

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