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On Owned Media and The Two Basic Things To Make It Work

Lately, you might have heard the discussion about Paid Media, Earned Media, and Owned Media. Let’s refresh our memories: Paid media is where you have to pay the media to carry your message; this is like advertisement or media placement. Earned media is where you have to pitch to the media to carry your message; […]

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Saying No to the almost perfect candidate

We’ve been interviewing many candidates for our consultancy lately and this week we came acros[...]

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Like Nothing I’ve Seen

Where I’m concerned, Maverick has the coolest “out-of-office” program ever. The first time I u[...]

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How not to say sorry

We all make mistakes. Some stupider than others. When caught in such acts there is only one course o[...]

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Forget Generations X,Y and Z; we have Generation E to contend with

The inspiration for this article is a post I wrote in Facebook after a university student wrote in [...]

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