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Today’s audience is polarized, opinionated, and quick to use social media to air grievances. This makes it even more important for companies to communicate in a manner that is authentic and credible, rather than corporate-speak. In this context, media training in Indonesia and crisis communication training become crucial for maintaining a positive public image.

At Maverick, we combine our knowledge of behavioral science principles, our in-depth understanding of the Indonesian media landscape, behavioral science and the experience of our trainers as former journalists to coach spokespersons. Our approach in spokesperson coaching is designed to help individuals deliver their message with confidence and fluency, which is essential in today’s fast-paced media environment.

Trainings we provide:

Interview Preparation

We help your spokesperson prepare for upcoming interviews by reviewing your key messages and simulating a real-live interview with the characteristics of the media and journalist doing the interview.

Spokesperson’s Refresher

Sometimes you get media trained but do not have the opportunity to use and practice these skills for one reason or another and now you are facing an upcoming important interview. No problem. Our refreshers are designed to revive and resharpen your skills.

Business Presentation Skills

How many business presentations have you been in where the speaker is all over the place and their PowerPoint slides are either crammed with too much information to digest, irrelevant, or adorned with cringe-worthy animations? Our training will help you present with clarity and connection with your audience.

Principal Spokesperson’s Coaching

A focused coaching session for up to only four participants where we conduct intensive interviews and provide feedback on their messaging techniques as well as their body language tone and manner.

Crisis Communication

The skills and tools the corporate communications team needs to mitigate and bring under control a crisis-like situation.

Interpersonal Communication

A vital skill that would help you improve your relationship with colleagues, customers, bosses, and just about anybody. We teach how to conduct Active Listening, Self-Disclosure, and Expressing yourself in pure rather than contaminated messages.


  • Message Development – We help companies craft messages that pass the stress test for authenticity and resonance with journalists and their audiences
  • Mining for Stories – Corporations and brands often do a lot but have difficulty telling the stories that arise from them. Our workshop will train your employees to spot the kind of insights and trends that make good stories for the media to publish, as well as media relevant to your company so that you’ll emerge as a market leader that understands its consumers
  • Storytelling – This is a course on how to make anything complicated sound simple and anything simple sound important. We’ll train participants how to use journalistic storytelling techniques to tell compelling stories, in simple, easily understood language, about their organization, people, and efforts.
  • Social Media for Executives – Social media channels evolve so fast that it can be a challenge for many executives to follow its developments. Our workshop explains which social media channels are influential to which audiences, how best the medium can be used, and the key influencers in a particular sector or area of interest.

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