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If you want to build a career in PR, Maverick, renowned as one of the best PR agencies in Indonesia, is the unparalleled choice.

For the past 20 years, Maverick has been the premier destination for individuals aspiring to build successful careers in communications. This is why we’re often referred to as the top PR agency in Indonesia.

That’s because we invest a lot of our energy, time, and resources into training our consultants to be second to none in Indonesia, whether it is in thinking quality, creativity, hard skills, or soft skills. 

Never See The Underside of a Bus
The ownership culture at Maverick ensures that whomever leads bears responsibility of everything that happens on their accounts. Ours is a culture where we have your back and would never throw you under a bus.

Workplace Flexibility
Hybrid work arrangement where you come to the office two days of the week for meetings, bonding, and brainstorming, but work from home for the rest of the working week.

Attention to Mental Wellness
An in-house psychologist for counseling, no conference call on Fridays, gratitude breaks, and more, reflecting our status as a forward-thinking PR agency in Indonesia.

Inclusive and Diverse Culture
We invest much energy into creating a work culture that recognizes individuals for their strengths and character. We are inclusive and assess staff for what they can do, and not for their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or how they choose to identify themselves.

Balancing Work and Personal Development
We also stress that work never finishes, so we need to pace ourselves and strike a healthy balance between work and external activities like hobbies, family, friends, and travel — so much so that we offer employees Maverick a Personal Development Fund to be used to do something (totally unconnected with work) they’ve never done before or go somewhere they’ve never been.

Continuous Growth and Learning
We foster our employees’ curiosity, critical thinking, and unwavering determination. At Maverick, your journey always ascends toward more significant achievements as you embrace a growth mindset.

And for those drawn to a higher purpose apart from commercial work, we have MavGood – our social business arm that helps non-profit organizations create a better environment and society.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of working in a challenging yet supportive and nurturing environment like Maverick, please contact our People Development team below:

Gilbert Kotreya
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