Media Old Hands Combine Expertise to Launch CNBC Indonesia Portal

Jakarta, 15 January 2018 – Indonesian financiers and executives can now get their daily dose of business updates from a world leader in business news, CNBC, in Bahasa Indonesia, following the soft launch of today. 2 years ago, CNBC and Trans entered a partnership and have been trailing the service. They finally decided that they have enough elements in lace now and that’s why they soft-launched the portal.

Helmed by former Detik Finance managing editor Wahyu Daniel, brings together familiar names from Indonesian media industry, including Herdaru Purnomo (formerly in Bloomberg), Gustidha Budiartie (formerly inTempo), and Arif Gunawan (formerly in Bisnis Indonesia, Bloomberg TV, The Jakarta Post). Having old hands with extensive background in economy and business reporting in its editorial team, CNBC Indonesia promises to facilitate better information flow for business decision making and help the country realize the full potential of its capital markets and businesses.

In addition to the freshly-launched news portal, CNBC Indonesia will deliver the latest business and financial news through its upcoming TV station by the same name. From what we’ve heard, the TV station expects to air its first broadcast in October 2018, and will have a dedicated editorial team different to the news portal’s just as CNN Indonesia does. In the meantime, CNBC Indonesia delivers its video-based contents via YouTube.

CNBC Indonesia joins the rank of Chairul Tanjung’s other media portfolio, namely TransTV, Trans7,, and CNN Indonesia.

Jurnalis Indonesia di antara Gaji dan Kualitas Jurnalistik

Di tengah lesunya bisnis media cetak di Indonesia, Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Jakarta menaikkan standar upah minimal bagi jurnalis pemula di ibu kota menjadi Rp7.963.949 juta pada 2018, dari sebelumnya Rp7.540.000. Apakah penetapan upah baru ini akan membuat pemilik media menaikkan gaji jurnalis pemula? Apakah upah berpengaruh terhadap kinerja dan kualitas jurnalistik?

journalist interview journo

Upah layak bulanan (take home pay) wartawan pemula ini ditentukan berdasarkan hasil survei terhadap sejumlah kebutuhan jurnalis di Jakarta, di antaranya pangan, tempat tinggal, sandang, dan kebutuhan lain, seperti pulsa, internet, dan cicilan laptop. Read More

Why Your Organic Reach in Facebook is Declining, and What You Should Do About It

Almost all brands have utilized Facebook as one of the best platforms available to connect, engage and advertise to their customers and fans. Yet as brands are noticing how their page’s impressions, likes, and shares have been steadily dropping year after year. It’s almost as if Facebook is making it harder for branded content to be seen, and it is without no reason.
Faecbook reach
Gaining exposures in the Facebook News Feed is, after all, a big competition. Every minute, 300 new profiles are created, 293,000 statuses are updated, 510,000 comments are posted and 136,000 photos are uploaded. With such abundance of content, Facebook News Feed algorithm has to be readjusted to only show the ones that are relevant to each audience.  Read More

What Community Engagement is About (and Why Some Brands Get It Wrong)

Today’s marketing has been quite reliant on the “audience” and how they “engage” with contents being placed in front of them. Brands make an effort to create and curate their social media pages in hope that this will bring in more fans – which, to them, means “more engagement”.

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Photo: Pexels

Before we dive deeper, let’s take a look at the operational definition of community and engagement.  Read More

Social Media Trends in 2018: What Brands Should Know (And Try)

The world of content marketing, especially in social media, has grown significantly in the past year. It has matured together with its audience, and forces brands to adapt quickly to the always-changing behavior, thanks to the evolving cutting-edge technologies and overall market trends.

social media trend 2018
It is important for brands to stay atop the trends to reach the audience better with appealing, resonating contents, and here are some of the key trends that are noteworthy for brands to embrace in 2018. Read More

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way Brand Communicates

AI artificial intelligentMost customers are now interacting with brands through digital platforms. Millions of engagements are happening every second between brands and customers, contributing to a massive pool of data that can be leveraged and used
by brands to improve the customer experiences and the way brand communicates.

The new era of marketing is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a great role to close the gap by moving far past human limitations to consume and analyze data on a scale that no human can. The “intelligence” in artificial intelligence is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to think independently, to grow more knowledgeable from being exposed to more information and to adapt and adjust when things change.

But how does it actually work for brands?  Read More

5 Things Brands Must Remember When Creating Video Content 

As a storytelling medium, video provides a powerful way to serve content that not only can be utilized to serve a brand’s promotional campaigns and inspirational ideas, but also to cultivate deeper, stronger relationships between brands and its audience through the magic of sound, motion, and visuals combined.

video shooting smartphone

However, creating video content takes more than just making a video that looks beautiful to enjoy the medium’s tremendous power. Here are the 5 things that brands can pay attention to before jumping into the creation of video content. Read More