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Unfocused, long-drawn online events: Journalists’ main pandemic woes

Maverick discussed with a number of media practitioners on online webinars and press conferences in times of pandemics.

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Luring Niche Online Media Readers with Paid Content

we are in a situation where online media is facing pressure or competition from social media. This is a phenomenon that has been happening for quite some time, following the appearance of social media

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Tantangan Komunikasi Organisasi Nirlaba di Masa Pandemi

Perubahan cara bekerja dan berinteraksi ini membawa dampak yang cukup signifikan, terutama terlihat dalam meningkatnya ketergantungan atas komunikasi dan interaksi virtual

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#UntukJurnalisID: The Struggle to Find a NICU Ward for a Baby with COVID-19

Novi Nadya, journalist at, and Covid-19 survivor. Covid-19 has definitively tested me and my small family. Just 12 days after I gave birth to my firstborn, we were both declared positively infected with Covid-19. As was my husband....

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Plight of the information front-liners

Journalists are the less obvious front-liners in the pandemic. More of them are getting infected by COVID in the latest surge of cases and we need to help them out.

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Corbuzier Did His Magic, Beating the Media to Interview the Commander

Netizens and the media were quite surprised when Prabowo chose Close The Door, Deddy Corbuzier’s video podcast for his maiden interview as Minister of Defence.

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Ika Vantiani and her journey of exploration into the definition of a woman

Before we talk about Ika Vantiani, let us first take a look at the image above. What do you see? See how “Perempuan” was until recently defined in the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language (KBBI) of the Language...

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Sangihe: Did the Messenger kill the message?

Written by Ong Hock Chuan, Maverick Indonesia’s Partner Those who have an interest in media handling skills would find this interview — between the BBC’s Rebecca Henschke and Terry Filbert, the CEO of Baru Gold Corp that runs Tambang...

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The Multatuli Project: A Public Journalism Initiative Based on Research and Data

The media industry is increasingly faced with a series of disruptions. The print industry, for example, has been hit hard by the onslaught of digitalization, media ecosystems that are marked by oligarchic biases, and last but not least, the...

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Earth Day, a Reminder of What You Can Do to Make This Planet a Better Place

As someone who has been in sustainability circles for a while, my inbox was full of congratulatory messages on Earth day, April 22, 2021. Earth Day is indeed celebrated once a year on April 22 but if one really...

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Influencers, Speculation and Regulations

One of the more interesting thing to happen to people of my generation that straddles Millennials and Gen Z is an uptick in stock investing.  IDX, the Indonesian stock market, has pointed out that the total number of investors...

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The Media Group is currently in the process of integrating its three platforms — online, print and television — to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of its overall performance. “Our affiliation with Metro TV and Media Indonesia is a...

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AJI Revives Blacklist of Undesirable Companies

The Alliance of Indonesian Journalists (AJI) has reimposed its blacklist of companies with spotty records in human rights and sustainability issues when it comes to partnering with them on initiatives with its members. The AJI Congress on March 2...

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Social Media Interaction: Technology Changes, Human Nature Doesn’t

For many friends of mine from a certain non-digital native vintage, the social platforms available can seem bewildering. Yet social media is here to stay and until we older folks expire our stay, we have to come to grips...

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