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A Guide for Businesses Engaging with the Indonesian Media that is struggling to survive

A recent study by the Indonesian Press Council (Dewan Pers) and Universitas Multimedia Nusantara offers valuable insights for businesses navigating the rapidly changing media landscape. The research, titled “Indonesian Media Industry Landscape and the Impact of Digitalization 2023,” highlights...

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When Brand Ambassadors can plunge your brand into a crisis

You would think that to be the ambassador of a prominent brand these days you’d be an expert on the mores of Netizens. Common sense suggests that such influencers, who virtually live on social media, would know what sits...

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Careful Where You Step: Responding Aggressively During a Crisis Might Cost Your Company Money

It seems intuitive for listed companies facing a crisis-like situation: respond aggressively to defend yourself, tell your side of the story, regain the narrative and thereby reestablish control of the situation. If you’re the CEO or communications head of...

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United broke my guitar: A case of missed opportunity in incident handling

In 2009 United Airlines lost 180 million USD in stock value and an untold amount of reputational damage — all because of a disgruntled passenger.  Musician Dave Carroll took a United Airlines flight and checked in his $3,500 Taylor...

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