After almost 4 years in school, graduation was finally around the corner and I was more than ready to put my skills to the test. I wasn’t entirely sure what job I wanted, all I knew was that I enjoyed working with data and solving complex problems.

I came across some information on Maverick Data Analytics Bootcamp – a four-month training in data analytics in communications. I thought “Why not give it a go?” I could see this would be a great chance to develop my analytical skills and a chance to put what I learned into practice with a real-world project. 

On the first day of Bootcamp, I came in with no idea, really. I’d done a bit of a Google search to find out a bit more about Bootcamp and what to expect, but that’s it. What I was to find was that Maverick had structured my time there like a university course — chock-full of guest speakers (introductions with different departments) and assignments (reports). This Bootcamp gave me a great understanding of what working at Maverick would be like and exposure to the sort of projects I could potentially be working on. 

Although I have been doing a lot of listening and learning during this Bootcamp, there was a lot to take in. The phrase I used more than once, that perfectly summarizes those first few months would be “Where can I find that again?”. I found myself struggling to remember where every file lived and the different processes I needed to follow. I am fortunate to be in a team who were always open for discussion when we seek help. 

I consider myself lucky to find this opportunity amidst the pandemic. It still amazes me how we can all manage to work together despite just being on the other side of the computer screens, doing things virtually, e-meeting everyone, and finding ways to work around our current situation.

I am really thankful for all the trust, opportunities, and knowledge that the Maverick team has provided me, and working at Maverick is truly an eye-opening experience that I can already tell, this is one of the most insightful work experiences in my life.

Written by Harfa Tossa