Analytics Bootcamp: Expectations vs Reality

After almost 4 years in school, graduation was finally around the corner and I was more than ready to put my skills to the test. I wasn’t entirely sure what job I wanted, all I knew was that I...

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Becoming a Media Detective for Four Months, A MavAcademy Experience as Data Analyst Intern

As a hardcore fan of Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan manga series, it was inevitable that I would be drawn to a field that would enable me to be a detective of sorts, in this instance of data. In April...

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MavAcademy : A Glimpse Into The Wondrous World of Analytics

I was immediately attracted to join the Maverick Academy program the moment a friend told me about it. The 4-month program is a bit like an internship but more intense and focused as you get trained on data analytics...

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Journalistic Competitions, a Way to Promote Quality Writing

Journalistic competitions, often held by corporations or media associations, including the Press Council, are effective means to promote quality journalistic works but can also be used to draw public attention to a particular issue. As with other competitions, this...

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NFTs as a Business Alternative for the Media Industry and Content Distribution

The development of technology is marked by a fast-paced dynamism and the trends in this industry are undergoing rapid changes, forcing business players from various sectors to adapt or be left behind. This is also happening in the media...

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National Press Day, reflection for a sustainable media industry

Every ninth of February is celebrated in Indonesia as National Press Day. It marks the day the first Indonesian journalist association, Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (PWI), was established in Surakarta, Central Java, in 1946, the year after the country proclaimed...

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Four steps to start preparing integrated measurement to transform your organization

Many organizations are now trying to get used with the new restrictions imposed by COVID-19 or even try to transform themselves for the new normal. As part of the transformation process, the measurement matrix becomes one of the most...

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AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020: Measurement frameworks, myths and new horizons

At Maverick, we keep a close eye on emerging trends and changes in the communications industry. One of the trends we observed is the increasing demand from organizations for proper measurement and evaluation, as well as data-based insights of...

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The global communications measurement matrix is here, are you ready to adopt it?

Any discussion about communications measurement has necessarily been heated affairs because AVEs and PR Value have been adopted as the default global measurement standard for years. This was a curious phenomenon because it’s a metric that doesn’t even make...

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