As a hardcore fan of Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan manga series, it was inevitable that I would be drawn to a field that would enable me to be a detective of sorts, in this instance of data.

In April this year, I took my first step to become a data detective, a job which in Maverick is known as a Data Analyst. I was one of three candidates selected for the MavAcademy Bootcamp, where we would get a four-month training and hands-on experience analyzing data and ferreting out insights for clients.

The more I learned the more convinced I was that data is vital to the functioning of modern society and its use would help define the future. I felt that those with the most data would have the chance to understand the world most.

It was fun working as an Analyst at  Maverick as I felt like a detective, working with team members of the analytics division, to solve cases with data.

My favorite part of being an analyst at Maverick was when we discussed various methodologies of communication measurement. It provided me with endless possibilities to uncover the truth. One concept that I was introduced to at Maverick, Data stewardship, is now my main obsession to know more about and master.

Now, having come to the end of the MavAcademy program, I marvel at the growth mindset culture that Maverick has nurtured among its staff that enables all of us with a desire to learn and grow to approach our work and tasks with gusto. All this enthusiastic awakening is impossible to happen without a growth culture that happens to be applied in Maverick office, something that is even more priceless to be found, for whoever decided to be a full-time learner.

Written by Zain Aldin