Why We Decided to Help Journalists Get Through These Tough Times

Doing good things for others, no matter how small, matters.

It has now been eight months since the Indonesian government announced its very first case of COVID-19. Since then, the number of cases has kept on increasing and people have been  starting to feel the impact of this pandemic. Not only does it put our health at risk, the pandemic has also left us uncertain about the future of our employment. Amongst those whose employment were hanging in the balance, are our journalist friends, some of whom have already lost their jobs, endured pay cuts, or experienced paycheck delays.

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Jurnalis dan Usaha Sampingan Di Masa Pandemi COVID-19

Kondisi yang menjadi semakin berat di dunia media di masa Pandemi Covid-19, ternyata malah berhasil memicu dan membangkitkan jiwa kewirausahawan di kalangan sejumlah jurnalis.

Industri media yang sudah menghadapi masa sulit sebelum pandemi saat ini mengalami keadaan yang semakin sulit. Kompetisi dari media sosial dan kehadiran influencers seakan semakin menekan pendapatan dari iklan industri bagi media massa, ini terlihat dari banyaknya media yang telah meminimalisir produksi konten mereka atau bahkan terpaksa harus menutup perusahaan secara keseluruhan.
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Four steps to start preparing integrated measurement to transform your organization

Many organizations are now trying to get used with the new restrictions imposed by COVID-19 or even try to transform themselves for the new normal. As part of the transformation process, the measurement matrix becomes one of the most important elements that also needs to be transformed. Read more about the transformation here.

To start preparing your organization for the integrated measurement matric, there are a few elements that need to be prepared. AMEC, through its recent AMEC Global Summit 2020, introduced Barcelona Principles 3.0, a set of seven voluntary guidelines to measure the efficiency of Communications campaign, with key highlights as follows: Read More

The global communications measurement matrix is here, are you ready to adopt it?

Any discussion about communications measurement has necessarily been heated affairs because AVEs and PR Value have been adopted as the default global measurement standard for years.

This was a curious phenomenon because it’s a metric that doesn’t even make sense in the first place. AVEs arose because PR professionals wanted to be able to demonstrate success of their work and the only way they knew how was to quantify the output of what they do – media clips. Read More

AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020: Measurement frameworks, myths and new horizons

At Maverick, we keep a close eye on emerging trends and changes in the communications industry. One of the trends we observed is the increasing demand from organizations for proper measurement and evaluation, as well as data-based insights of their communication efforts.

For some time now Maverick has been strengthening its measurement and evaluation capabilities to use data and purpose-driven strategies to take a brand’s corporate and marketing communications further.

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Should Brands Bother with Purpose in the “Cancel Culture” Era?

This is part of Maverick’s new Purpose-driven Communications series

By Marsha Imaniara, Manager, specializes in Crisis & Issues Management, Purpose and CSV

Only one year ago, Harry Potter author JK Rowling was still the hero of many millennials. Now, the once beloved storyteller has joined tens of other public figures, brands, and even your average Janes and Joes who got “cancelled” in recent years.

The phenomenon, known as “cancel culture”, usually takes place on social media, where a throng of netizens combines efforts to withdraw support for those who have said or done something deemed as offensive. In many cases, these cancellations amount to piling shame on the perpetrators, boycotting their products or services, and may even lead to the firing of the individuals involved.  

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NGOs Living the New Normal to Maintain Their Presence in Society

Happiness is when you receive solid proof that what you did was truly helpful to others.

So we at the Catalyst team in Maverick was all smiles when we received a note from the Lentera Anak Pelangi telling us that they tried out an idea raised during our session two months ago and found that it really helped them.

Catalyst, for those unfamiliar with it, is an initiative by Maverick to create shared value with Indonesian NGOs and non-profits. We think their work benefits society greatly but they could do with better communications skills and practices that Maverick is privy to.

So when the pandemic began to affect all of us and we had to work from home to try to flatten the curve, we organized an online webinar with 16 Indonesian NGOs on how they can adapt to the new circumstances.

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An Internship From Home: Why Not? 

On my first day of internship in early March, I stepped expectantly into Maverick’s office in Kebayoran Baru. I was given a tour of the three-story office and introduced to everyone, including Maca, the office cat and wrapped up the day with orientation sessions with several of the team leaders. Everything seemed to move so fast and efficient with the Mavericks, who seemed very serious about their work but would also not hesitate to let their hair down.

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