The final round of The Recruit 2015 is finally over. It was memorable to us because for the first time in The Recruit history, we crowned two outstanding young inpiduals as the winners. It wasn’t an easy call especially because all 5 finalists were impressive and managed to cause enough dilemma for our panel of judges in coming up with a decision. However, after a careful consideration, observing their performance in that one day they spent with us, plus taking into account who amongst the five would benefit the most from learning from and at Maverick; the judges agreed that Heru Cakra and Khalda Larasati are the ones who left the most impression.

Please give a round of applause to Cakra and Laras!

In its three years running, The Recruit is known to have winners coming from non communications background. We’ve had International Affairs, Information Technology, and Computer Science. This year, is no exception. Cakra recently obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from ITB ad immediately join the Master’s Degree program of UI, in Marketing Management. Laras is a fresh graduate in International Affairs from Universitas Parahyangan. Although it was quite refreshing to learn that two of the candidates who made it to the final round this year are Public Relations students.

To the remaining finalists, Amadea, Faisal, and Reyandra, we thank you for your passion, determination, and most importantly for taking part in The Recruit this year. You were wonderful and what a pleasure it is to have you as the newest addition to The Recruit family.

Special thanks to Mas Wicaksono – more popular as @ndorokakung and Editor in Chief of UMSN, who joined us as a guest judge and graced us with his valuable insights.

Cakra and Laras, congratulations and welcome to Maverick!

Here are the top 5 proposals that made it through to the final round:

Saturday in the Park

Amadea Raissa Sumarni
Universitas Paramadina/Public Relations

Clean Transport Initiative

Faisal Widi
Universitas Padjajaran/Management

Jangan Tabrak Si Gadis Merah

Heru Cakra
Universitas Indonesia/Marketing Management

I want to Walk Free Project

Khalda Larasati
Universitas Parahyangan/International Relations

I Stand on the Right Stop

Reyandra Dio Boentoro
Universitas Multimedia Nusantara/Public Relations