The Comms Club

The forum brings together impactful in-house communications practitioners from corporate and marketing, academics, and professionals. The Comms Club becomes a platform for them to share information, best-practices, and network while contributing towards the advancement of communications industry in Indonesia. Maverick aims to make the event intellectually proactive and intriguing to help attendees adapt in the rapidly changing environment.

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  • Volume 11 - The Virtues of Virtual: Event Management in the Time of COVID-19
    Speakers: Sali Pawiatan, Redaktur Senior Koran Sindo; Marsha Immaniara, Manager, Maverick; Fuad Kurniawan, Associate , Maverick

    During this work from home era, there are a lot of virtual events with similar format that leads to “virtual event fatigue”. The Comms Club is giving insight to create a better virtual event by understanding how to manage and conceptualise event from the perspective of organiser and participants.

  • Volume 10 - Managing Through The COVID-19 Crisis
    Speakers: Ong Hock Chuan, Partner, Maverick, Marsha Immaniara, Manager, Maverick

    Like their counterparts around the world, the Indonesian government is struggling to find a way to handle the outbreak. This pretty much leaves private companies to manage their own reputations should one or several of their employees suddenly show symptoms of being infected; or if they are ordered to shut their operations because of a local, regional or national lockdown. How organizations communicate and respond to these changes will have an impact on their reputation and credibility to their stakeholders. The Comms Club discusses some of the key actions companies need to take to ensure that the organization is ready to face any reputational and informational challenges surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Volume 9: Measure What Really Matters in PR & Communications
    Speakers: Felicia, Media Monitoring & Analytics Director, Maverick; Magdalena Wenas, President of PR Society of Indonesia

    For years, we count our PR success by counting the size of our articles and use AVE and/or PR Value. PR Value, however, does not give us the knowledge whether the media capture our means and key messages from our communications campaign. The Comms Club volume 9 discussed how to measure and evaluate PR activities and why AVE and/or PR Value are outdated metrics for PR measurement.

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