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Vanity to Value: Demonstrating the Impact of Communications

Maverick’s head of Analytics and Insights Felicia Nugroho recently attended AMEC’s Global Measurement and Evaluation Summit 2023 in Miami, Florida and learned from experts and specialists on the hottest developments in communication and measurement. This is her report: Every...

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The Future of Presenters in Television Journalism

That evening, Karni Ilyas looked somehow different. The senior journalist greeted viewers in his trademark hoarse voice and proceeded to introduce two women whom he said would join the ranks of the country’s news presenters. Ilyas’ appearance was definitively...

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ChatGPT and How Journalists Should Work on the Transition

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence(AI)-based chatbot developed by OpenAI has caught the attention of the media. Given its capabilities you’d think that journalists would rush to use it, at least as an aid to their story writing.  ChatGPT could do...

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The Burden Behind A Child-Free Decision

If there’s an easy way to describe what parenting life looks like, it would be a line from Barney in How I Met Your Mother. When he saw his newborn baby he said: “You are the love of my...

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