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Facilities & Equipment


  • Consultancy

    Change jobs in the middle of a pandemic and recession?

    Why not?

    We are actually looking for people who have been happy and performing well wherever they are working and had no thoughts about leaving. The new circumstances arising from the pandemic may, however, force them to reconsider their situation.

    Maverick is looking for experienced communications consultants with about five years experience, a growth mindset, and a healthy drive to succeed as a professional and a decent human being.

    If you have these qualities and want to explore working in a company that is constantly changing and growing, even in the midst of this pandemic, then:

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    Subject : Why not?

Community Outreach

  • Community Outreach

    Do you wish you could make new friends all the time and get paid?

    You’re the ‘matchmaker’ in your groups — both business and personal — and you love connecting people across different fields. You know who’s who, what makes them tick, and how they can best collaborate with each other to bring great ideas to life. It’s also important that you are familiar with how things work on social media platforms. If this sounds like you, maybe you are the KOL & Community Outreach Specialist we’re looking for. Send us your CV and cover letter.

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  • Analysts

    There are currently no vacancies available.

Media Monitoring

  • Media Monitoring

    There are currently no vacancies available.


  • Videographers

    There are currently no vacancies available.


  • Designers

    There are currently no vacancies available.


  • Others

    There are currently no vacancies available.

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