Danone-AQUA: Bijak Berplastik

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Danone-AQUA needed communities’ buy-ins and grass-root participation for the #BijakBerplastik (Being Wise About Plastic) movement.


We enlist potential partners with established street credentials in sustainability then create shared value with multi-stakeholders including government institutions, non-governmental organizations, public figures, as well as communities passionate about sustainability and circular economy. 

Engaging all of the aforementioned stakeholders, we conducted a series of activities comprising three #BijakBerplastik pillars: collection, education, and innovation. The #BijakBerplastik Exhibition and “Innovation for Goodness” Fashion Show at the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2020 showcase the potential creative and economic outcome of responsible waste management through upcycling and recycling. Meanwhile, we also introduce #BijakBerplastik trash collecting and education truck, support and conduct clean-up activities with thousands of people. 

Overall, this series of activities highlight Danone-AQUA’s commitment towards a cleaner Indonesia based on #BijakBerplastik pillars.

  • #BijakBerplastik Exhibition garnered positive-toned coverage for all the 95 media publications it generated in just one week.  
  • Earned coverage from Kompas.id and Liputan6.com highlighted Danone-AQUA’s effort in realizing a circular economy through recycled PET bottles, such as the AQUA LIFE bottles that are 100% made of recycled plastic bottles and can be fully recycled.
  • Social media were swarmed by positive comments.
  • All generated media publications about the exhibition carry a positive tone. 
  • More than 5,000 people from various backgrounds attended the exhibition and hundreds of them participated in the upcycling workshops led by our collaborators.
  • Gathered hundreds of people to partake in plogging (picking-up litter while jogging) in Clean-Up Jakarta Day led by Danone-AQUA Brand Partner, triathlete, and public figure Kelly Tandiono. 
  • Gained a total of 276,887 earned impressions from 12 earned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), including artist Rebellionik and social enterprise Kana Goods who actively applauded Danone-AQUA’s sustainable initiatives through organic IG stories and posts (earned).
  • Awarded the Bronze Award for Best PR Campaign: FMCG Category at PR Awards 2020 organized by Marketing Interactive Singapore
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