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Enlisting KOLs To Your Cause

It may be counterintuitive but the Internet tends to narrow rather than widen our sources of information. People now seldom go surfing for information and are unlikely to diligently go through a news portal as the older generation would...

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Dahlan Iskan, Never a Quitter

Amidst the ongoing digital disruption and the pandemic, the media has been in a continuous decline. The media, especially the print media, is experiencing tremendous pressures. But Dahlan Iskan (DI) has a different belief. The founder of the Jawa Pos...

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Journalist Fellowship Extended to More Journalists as Pandemic Bites Deeper in Indonesia

Jakarta, 11 November 2020 – Strategic communications consultancy Maverick and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) today announced an expansion of their Journalist Fellowship program, even as media houses impose more layoffs or reduced pay and working hours as the...

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Traditional marketing is dead. Here’s what you need to do

Social norms and how people inform themselves have changed, killing off traditional marketing as we know it. The pandemic has accelerated this trend. Before, all brands had to do was to drive shareholder value and they’d be socially acceptable....

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