Enlisting KOLs To Your Cause

It may be counterintuitive but the Internet tends to narrow rather than widen our sources of information. People now seldom go surfing for information and are unlikely to diligently go through a news portal as the older generation would...

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Dahlan Iskan, Never a Quitter

Amidst the ongoing digital disruption and the pandemic, the media has been in a continuous decline. The media, especially the print media, is experiencing tremendous pressures. But Dahlan Iskan (DI) has a different belief. The founder of the Jawa Pos...

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Traditional marketing is dead. Here’s what you need to do

Social norms and how people inform themselves have changed, killing off traditional marketing as we know it. The pandemic has accelerated this trend. Before, all brands had to do was to drive shareholder value and they’d be socially acceptable....

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Jurnalis dan Usaha Sampingan Di Masa Pandemi COVID-19

Kondisi yang menjadi semakin berat di dunia media di masa Pandemi Covid-19, ternyata malah berhasil memicu dan membangkitkan jiwa kewirausahawan di kalangan sejumlah jurnalis. Industri media yang sudah menghadapi masa sulit sebelum pandemi saat ini mengalami keadaan yang semakin...

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Four steps to start preparing integrated measurement to transform your organization

Many organizations are now trying to get used with the new restrictions imposed by COVID-19 or even try to transform themselves for the new normal. As part of the transformation process, the measurement matrix becomes one of the most...

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AMEC Virtual Global Summit 2020: Measurement frameworks, myths and new horizons

At Maverick, we keep a close eye on emerging trends and changes in the communications industry. One of the trends we observed is the increasing demand from organizations for proper measurement and evaluation, as well as data-based insights of...

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The global communications measurement matrix is here, are you ready to adopt it?

Any discussion about communications measurement has necessarily been heated affairs because AVEs and PR Value have been adopted as the default global measurement standard for years. This was a curious phenomenon because it’s a metric that doesn’t even make...

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NGOs Living the New Normal to Maintain Their Presence in Society

Happiness is when you receive solid proof that what you did was truly helpful to others. So we at the Catalyst team in Maverick was all smiles when we received a note from the Lentera Anak Pelangi telling us...

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Catalyst 2019: Proposals and Presentations, the Backbone of NGO Funding Drives

For Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the ability to communicate their needs in terms of operational costs, in a well-structured proposal is crucial in obtaining good results. Such proposal should include the “why” element to convince corporations to become a donor....

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