The Future of Presenters in Television Journalism

That evening, Karni Ilyas looked somehow different. The senior journalist greeted viewers in his trademark hoarse voice and proceeded to introduce two women whom he said would join the ranks of the country’s news presenters. Ilyas’ appearance was definitively...

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Journalistic Competitions, a Way to Promote Quality Writing

Journalistic competitions, often held by corporations or media associations, including the Press Council, are effective means to promote quality journalistic works but can also be used to draw public attention to a particular issue. As with other competitions, this...

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NFTs as a Business Alternative for the Media Industry and Content Distribution

The development of technology is marked by a fast-paced dynamism and the trends in this industry are undergoing rapid changes, forcing business players from various sectors to adapt or be left behind. This is also happening in the media...

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National Press Day, reflection for a sustainable media industry

Every ninth of February is celebrated in Indonesia as National Press Day. It marks the day the first Indonesian journalist association, Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (PWI), was established in Surakarta, Central Java, in 1946, the year after the country proclaimed...

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AJI dan Maverick Kolaborasi Bantu Kalangan Jurnalis Terdampak Covid-19

MEDIAINDONESIA.COM, Jakarta – PERTENGAHAN tahun 2021, Indonesia dihadapkan pada tingginya kasus positif covid-19 akibat varian delta. Masyarakat yang terpapar juga berasal dari berbagai kalangan, termasuk para jurnalis yang disebabkan tuntutan profesi. Jurnalis terutama yang meliput berbagai isu, diharuskan masih...

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